Here are some headlines: Global Expertise Matters, US-based Travel Security and Protection Expertise Matters, We Provide Both  “Take stringent precautions, conduct comprehensive journey management planning, familiarize yourself with local criminal activity, build robust communications plans, only use prearranged, authenticated transportation, handle reconfirmation of hotel bookings and flight itineraries”, and “take any and all security arrangements to mitigate risks posed by terrorism, crime, and political unrest.”

Employee Monitoring in USA / Mexico Border Travel

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These are headlines travelers see all the time, especially, it seems, immediately before beginning the journey.

As travelers in today’s uncertain world, we need to be prepared for unexpected travel emergencies. This is especially true for corporate travel security. For many, US-based reliability is the most suitable and logical selection when it comes to your personal safety, and the safety of those in your care. Trusted experts with global security and VIP protection experience who are based in, and operate from the US, is the only choice.

The Leader in Global Employee Travel Security

GlobalSecur® is the leader in both international executive travel security, and in overseas employee monitoring and security. Traffic accidents causing major delays in a foreign country while you are in a taxi on your way to a meeting in a conference center you’ve never been to before, airport workers go on strike immediately before your return home flight is scheduled for lift-off so the airport shuts down, threats to your company’s personnel are reported during your business trip to Singapore, these are examples of the essential necessity of obtaining world-class, qualified travel security professionals to care for your safety and security when it is needed most. And the piece-of-mind in doing so enormously enhances your travel enjoyment.

Scaled and personalized to meet every traveler and trip, our proprietary, patented FoneTrac® technology is an exclusive benefit to our clients across the world. Our bespoke GlobalSecur® Pre-Travel Destination Reports, briefings, and in-depth risk assessment reports are available for worldwide destinations and highlight the political, security, and medical environments and risks. The Reports detail best practices and little-known methods to minimize traveler risk. Our expertise built upon over 20 years of protecting diplomats, VIP executives and CEOs, celebrities, senior US military leaders, and government officials qualifies us with unique abilities and expertise to tenaciously secure your travels across time and place, and across the globe.

Photo credit: m01229 via / CC BY-SA