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Global Employee and Executive Travel Security

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the travel safety and security of yourself, your employees, and your organization is always a priority.

Employee Travel Security

GlobalSecur® is a threat and global employee travel security service designed by experts to keep your organization’s executives and employees safe and informed.

GlobalSecur benefits your corporation because our experts use a “hands-on” approach to develop, monitor and manage all aspects of your overseas travel security, including global itinerary and threat monitoring and FoneTrac®, smartphone position-locating. By using GlobalSecur®, the safety and security of your international executive or employee travelers will always be the focus of our attention, from pre-travel preparedness to incident and emergency response...

The service incorporates itinerary monitoring, sophisticated traveler threat notification and FoneTrac® location-positioning with check-in/panic button features.

Employee Overseas Medical Assistance

In the event of an incident, GlobalSecur also provides direct communication to US-based, medical and security Emergency Response Centers.

Our combined GlobalSecur® services will provide your corporation and personnel with immediate, one-number access to a US-based, multi-lingual emergency control centers to facilitate immediate security and medical support for your travelers when they need it. GlobalSecur’s suite of services supplies up to date security information to international organizations and travelers, allowing them to make informed decisions and alerting them to major changes in the security environment.

Employee Travel Monitoring

Our security consultants can also provide individualized guidance, keeping travelers abreast of trouble spots and common safety and security issues.

Furthermore, our firm has worked diligently to create a network of trusted partners, such as secure hotels and car services, that our clients leverage to ensure simpler, safer, and more reliable business travel.

IMG’s goal is to offer a suite of global safeguards for your organization, whether large or small, that can be customized to meet your exact needs and budgetary goals.

We are the leader in both international executive travel security and in overseas employee monitoring and security in general. Reach out to us for a consultation on your travel security needs.

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GlobalSecur® Travel Safety Program

GlobalSecur is a comprehensive, yet affordable, global travel security service for corporations including their employees, executives, and VIPs that seamlessly integrates risk assessment, security guidance, global intelligence, security monitoring, medical assistance and emergency response.

Based on monitored travel and threat data, we keep your travelers aware of actual or emerging situations, make recommendations and provide the necessary advice and support, up to and including coordination of worldwide emergency assistance, security, medical and natural disaster evacuation. As a primary IMG service differentiator, we provide corporations and businesses with travel safety and security assistance that is “hands-on” assistance in difficult situations.

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GlobalSecur® Travel Safety has the following benefits and advantages:

  • GlobalSecur® services are scaled to meet a wide range of safety- and security-enhancing services and support for employees in large and small business, executive and study abroad travel, and more. Whether you’re looking for a corporate or business travel security service solution, focused on the security needs of your business travelers like employees, executives, or other VIPs, we have an employee travel security solution that will work for you.
  • Pre-Travel Destination Reports – “Know before you go” – GlobalSecur's briefing and in-depth and risk assessment reports are available for worldwide destinations and highlight the political, security and medical environment and ways to minimize traveler risk.
  • Crisis Response & Emergency Evacuation – In a 24/7 crisis or emergency, GlobalSecur’s over two-decade international security experience provides your employees, executives, or other organization VIPs with the assurance that there are few overseas security challenges with which we are unfamiliar.
  • FoneTrac® Travel Security Smartphone App – Knowing where your travelers are and whether they are safe from day-to-day is essential, especially in an emergency. Our patented FoneTrac travel security app – available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows as well as tablets, notepads and laptops – is an essential and affordable resource developed by GlobalSecur to enhance safety and security for your travelers worldwide. A wide variety of users favor the app’s simplicity, functionality and ready access to advice and emergency security and optional employee medical assistance. FoneTrac does not monitor traveler locations continuously (except during an emergency). Traveler locations are updated on a world map each time users press the Check-In or “Panic Alert” buttons.
  • Worldwide Services – Access to a full range of IMG and GlobalSecur professional security consulting support is a phone call away. Our long term international security expertise in proactive program development, contingency planning and emergency response will prove invaluable to enhance your organization’s travel security efforts.

For more information on how IMG GlobalSecur's decades-long, international travel security consulting expertise can help you meet your travel safety objectives, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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GlobalSecur® Services Overview – Short Video

Tap on the link below to watch a short video outlining some of the benefits of utilizing GlobalSecur® for your Business Travel Security or Personal Travel Safety needs. Take a look at an overview of how we can help you!

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Cost-Effective Travel Safety & More

Your organization will have ready access to other support options such as location-specific risk and threat assessment, executive protection, secure transportation, meetings and more. All GlobalSecur® services are are available as optional, cost-effective components based on your exact needs. There are no hidden charges or add-on, travel-related fees. GlobalSecur® provides your organization with a number of operational and cost-related benefits and advantages.

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FoneTrac® Worldwide Smartphone Monitoring

  • Precise location monitoring
  • No travel itinerary needed
  • Location panic alert

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