Global Travel Security Services

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the safety and security of your travelers and employees stationed overseas is always a priority. GlobalSecur® is a comprehensive yet affordable global protection service that provides safety for your overseas business travelers, together with security guidance, global intelligence and security monitoring services.

The service is designed to help your travelers prepare for overseas trips, and to keep track of them around the world. GlobalSecur® was developed specifically to raise security awareness when traveling, reduce risks when travelers visit various locations, and help them get immediate security and medical support when they need it.

GlobalSecur® provides provides you with the following benefits and advantages:

  • Designed from the ground-up

    – by security, health and travel professionals to meet and exceed your travel safety expectations.
  • Global tracking and notification systems

    – built to meet the needs of your specific operations and activities.
  • World-wide travel monitoring

    – using travel itineraries and (optional), integrated FoneTrac® worldwide smartphone monitoring.
  • Online, global threat reporting

    – pre-travel briefings and comprehensive reporting on over 200 countries and regions and 300 cities.
  • Overseas emergency response

    – known and trusted, world-wide security and medical resources will respond to your employee's concerns, from routine calls to political and medical evacuation.
  • Wide-ranging security advice

    –and pre-travel briefings are designed to raise your travelers' awareness and avoid potential problems.
  • Executive protection and security programs

    –expert security and risk assessment services for chief executives, corporate officers, and other corporate or organizational VIPs.
  • Cost-conscious approach

    –affordable pricing for organizations large and small, with no cost add-ons.

For more information to suit your specific needs, please contact us for a phone consultation on your security needs.