Global Employee & Executive Travel Security

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the safety and security of your travelers and employees stationed overseas is always a priority. GlobalSecur® is a flexible, affordable, and integrated protective solution that will ensure that your employees have access to services that will raise travel security awareness and provide an effective response, when needed.

GlobalSecur® is a cost-effective, ideal resource specifically designed to help your travelers and overseas personnel. GlobalSecur® will provide them with the necessary intelligence, guidance, advice and emergency response that will significantly enhance their safety, health and security and provide your travelers with added peace of mind.

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The GlobalSecur® Global Travel Safety Program is one of the leading travel security solutions on the market today.

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With GlobalSecur®, your organization will have access to a robust, worldwide security solution that can be customized to fit your needs and budget.

GlobalSecur® is a comprehensive, yet affordable, Travel Security Program designed specifically to enhance the safety of your overseas business travelers. This one-stop, security and medical assistance solution was developed by international security experts with decades of industry experience and is available as optional components to meet your exact requirements.

The Travel Safety Program provides the option of a "hands-on" approach to develop and manage all aspects of your overseas travel security, including global itinerary and threat monitoring and FoneTrac®, smartphone position-locating. By using GlobalSecur®, the safety and security of your international travelers will always be the focus of our attention, from pre-travel preparedness to incident and emergency response.

Our clients large and small will attest that GlobalSecur® will prove a key extension of your existing security effort and will help ensure the safety and security of your international travelers.

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GlobalSecur® Services Overview – Short Video

Tap on the link below to watch a short video outlining some of the benefits of utilizing GlobalSecur® for your Business Travel Security or Personal Travel Safety needs. Take a look at an overview of how we can help you!

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Cost-Effective Travel Safety & More

Your organization will have ready access to other support options such as location-specific risk and threat assessment, executive protection, secure transportation, meetings and more. All GlobalSecur® services are are available as optional, cost-effective components based on your exact needs. There are no hidden charges or add-on, travel-related fees. GlobalSecur® provides your organization with a number of operational and cost-related benefits and advantages.

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FoneTrac® Worldwide Smartphone Monitoring

  • Precise location monitoring
  • No travel itinerary needed
  • Location check-in and panic alert

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