When you travel, how conscious are you of what you say…and where you say it? On a recent flight I was seated next to two young ladies who appeared to be taking a vacation together. Continue reading

Here are some headlines: Global Expertise Matters, US-based Travel Security and Protection Expertise Matters, We Provide Both  “Take stringent precautions, conduct comprehensive journey management planning, familiarize yourself with local criminal activity, build robust communications plans, only use prearranged, authenticated transportation, handle reconfirmation of hotel bookings and flight itineraries”, and “take any and all security arrangements to mitigate risks posed by terrorism, crime, and political unrest.” Continue reading

With China landing on the dark side of the moon, Rovers roaming Mars, US Astronauts hitching rides in Soyuz spacecraft and landing in Kazakhstan, and Portugal unveiling its new Space Agency to be based in the Azores[1], corporate security is becoming increasingly crucial for organizations and their supply chains engaged in this new Space Race. Continue reading

Did you know that using public WiFi can put your personal / client information at risk? Yes, although free WiFi sounds like a great offer, it comes with its own share of potential dangers. This makes it hard for many travelers who depend on WiFi to communicate to loved ones back home, especially if the traveler has his or her cellular data turned off to prevent an expensive phone bill. Continue reading

If you were going to Paris, but only had two days to see the “City of Lights” you might well hire an expert. You might also hire an organizational expert if your closet was in a mess and you needed help sorting it. Continue reading

As an employer you have a duty of care to your employees if you send them abroad on business, and that counts for both their working hours and their off-duty hours. Continue reading

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “herding cats.” Well, that’s nothing compared to “herding executives.” Continue reading

When your executives need to travel abroad they may not be fully aware of all the security implications for the country or countries that they are visiting. After all, there is no real reason that they should: they are experts in the products or services that your company provides, not experts in travel security. Continue reading

Summer is the season when most people travel abroad on holiday, and they can go to all sorts of different countries. However, what many people don’t seem to consider is that a lot of the countries that they may visit are nowhere near as safe as the US. They have different laws and rules, and there are all sorts of reasons that dangerous situations can arise. Continue reading

GlobalSecur is a key specialist in maintaining the travel security and travel security of your employees and your executives when they travel abroad. Continue reading