If there’s almost nothing worse than getting sick, something worse is getting sick in a foreign country. As Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home, and all of us really feel that longing for a familiar place, a loving face, and the comforts of the known when were sick. Let’s face it. Many of us are just little kids inside, and we have, hopefully, many fond memories of moms and dads who helped us out when we were sick. As we grow older, our experience of getting sick treated may involve our own health system: that is, a familiar doctor, a familiar insurance program, a familiar hospital. Continue reading

These days you can’t be too careful! Many of our clients are global corporations who send their employees across the globe conducting international business. Continue reading

If you are a corporate executive or manager and your responsibility includes monitoring employee travel especially for security purposes, you need a robust employee travel monitoring system. Continue reading

With more and more corporations sending employees overseas, whether for short-term meetings or for long-term stays, the problem of employee travel safety is coming to the fore. Continue reading

Americans have been noted as prime targets for kidnapping and other crimes throughout the world. If a VIP has to fly out overseas on business, HR may be aware of the risks and pre-plan every step of the way from personal transportation to accommodations and restaurants. Continue reading

Managing a VIP travelling the globe can be a daunting task for HR and other staff back home. They constantly have to strike a balance between passivity and diligence. Continue reading

GlobalSecur is a comprehensive, yet affordable, global travel security service designed to enhance the safety and security of your overseas travelers and personnel. The program seamlessly integrates risk assessment and guidance, global intelligence, security monitoring, communications, medical assistance and emergency response. Continue reading

Many executives are not only go-getters in the office, but can be active after hours as well. To them, a 10 mile run may seem like a “jog” with very little preparation. When a VIP has to fly overseas on business, they may think nothing of using spare time to rent a board and surf the waves of Ireland. Continue reading

IMG designed and developed GlobalSecur from the ground up based on our clients’ perception that existing services were inflexible and did not reflect their exact needs. They were overly expensive with various additional charges. More importantly, although these services provided location data and threat information, clients were on their own in terms of aligning the two and then managing an issue or incident. Continue reading

New York, NY – April 29, 2017. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international executive security consulting firm, is proud to announce that experts Chris Hagon and Tim Bradley have been interviewed by Fox news in an important article sharing tips and ideas to improve international travel security for senior executives in countries as diverse as Mexico, China, and India. Continue reading