Many executives are not only go-getters in the office, but can be active after hours as well. To them, a 10 mile run may seem like a “jog” with very little preparation. When a VIP has to fly overseas on business, they may think nothing of using spare time to rent a board and surf the waves of Ireland. Continue reading

Whether travelling overseas on business or for pleasure, no one expects to have their beach time interrupted by a natural disaster. Yet, on a perfectly sunny day by the sparking ocean, an off-shore earthquake can strike, triggering a life-threatening tsunami. Many vacationers may initially not believe that the large wave is on its way. That’s because a tidal wave from a Tsunami starts off slow and gains strength as it makes it way to the shoreline. Continue reading

Every company has a time off policy for employees. When an employee falls ill, taking time off for illness is a normal part of the package. Busy executives hate taking sick days off, so by the time they do, they might be really sick. What happens when your VIP has fallen ill overseas? Continue reading

The term “international security” can conjure the image of mysteriously silent men in black suits and dark glasses standing by to act when a VIP is in danger. That is a great scene for movies, but normally, security personnel are less obvious and their job can require a lot of waiting around. Continue reading

Not feeling well, so visit the doctor. Simple equation, yes? These days, not so much. A visit to a healthcare provider means coordinating your visit to a healthcare professional with your insurance provider’s network of approved doctors and hospitals. Continue reading