Traditional blessings for safe travel can be found all over the globe. The Irish like to say “Slan Agus Beannacht Leat” or “Goodbye and Blessing.” How many times have family members parted with a simple safe travel blessing being their last words? Whether it’s your kids taking off for college or waving goodbye to the grandparents after the holidays, wishing for a safe trip is a tradition in many languages. The thing is, there is very little well-wishers can do to ensure their family and friends arrive to a destination safely. Praying for good weather and safe roads can be about as far as most go. Continue reading

Whether travelling overseas on business or for pleasure, no one expects to have their beach time interrupted by a natural disaster. Yet, on a perfectly sunny day by the sparking ocean, an off-shore earthquake can strike, triggering a life-threatening tsunami. Many vacationers may initially not believe that the large wave is on its way. That’s because a tidal wave from a Tsunami starts off slow and gains strength as it makes it way to the shoreline. Continue reading

Employee travel security often creates special safety considerations ranging from the extreme (such as an employee being kidnapped or subject to crime) to the mundane (an employee falling sick to the flu, and needing medical attention). Continue reading

People have to do very little for themselves these days. A variety of services have made getting help easy, yet some people prefer the DIY route. It could be due to thrifty habits that have helped them get ahead. For instance, instead of picking up a $5 Pumpkin Spiced Latte every Friday on the way to work, one could technically make it at home for a fraction of the cost. Yet leaders can be the opposite: they like to do-it-themselves, they like to be in charge, and they don’t like to ask for help. Continue reading

As executive travel ramps up for the Fall season, many HR managers are focused on scheduling employee overseas safety. Traveling VIP’s may be expected to follow a busy itinerary with many HR check-in’s to assure the company they have arrived to the hotel safely. Continue reading

Multi-tasking is a popular practice for today’s employees. To see multi-tasking in action, visit any airport lobby in the world. There will be a pack of earbud-wearing VIP’s with a latte in one hand, furiously texting with the other. Continue reading

Global travel is on the rise and busy company executives travel from one country to the next to keep business running smoothly. In the meantime, back at the main office, HR managers work to ensure that there is an employee travel security plan at every stop. When the VIP takes a redeye flight to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and then hops over to Delhi, India, HR managers need a safety strategy to keep up. Although technology has connected people from all over the world, danger in a foreign country can quickly cut ties. Continue reading

There are certain verities in the world, e.g. the sun rises in the east. This is well-known, and in fact we know exactly where and exactly when it will rise each day. In contrast, there are future events that are known in outline, but not in specific detail, which makes travel risk assessment more of an art than a science. Continue reading

Global trekking VIP’s with a full plate, may not be able to squeeze in executive travel safety training before flying out on business. Also, one 30 minute presentation cannot cover the innumerable scenarios an employee will face while traveling abroad. Each country has its own wonders and dangers. If training is put off until a real emergency, then VIP’s need intuitive technology with easy-to-access resources. Continue reading

In light of the recent tragedy at the Brussels International Airport and the tragic incident regarding EgyptAir Flight 804, more and more corporations and business travelers are realizing that travel security is not something just for the streets and subways of Europe, but a frame of mind that must be active from the moment that one […]