With China landing on the dark side of the moon, Rovers roaming Mars, US Astronauts hitching rides in Soyuz spacecraft and landing in Kazakhstan, and Portugal unveiling its new Space Agency to be based in the Azores[1], corporate security is becoming increasingly crucial for organizations and their supply chains engaged in this new Space Race.

US national security and your corporate security

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The US and the USSR thought they had a hard time; now everyone wants a Space Program.

As we now have our very own, very real version of the Star Trek Communicator, you may even be reading this on it, it is not too difficult to envision each one of us enjoying our own personal satellite someday in the not-too-distant future. New technology brings new challenges, corporate, cyber, and even personal security being among the most important issues.

Corporate Security and International Travel Safety Consulting

With so very many different state actors involved in starting programs and initiatives in the new Space Race, the vital importance of protecting matters of US national security and your corporate security for the company and your people become clearer every day. Corporate espionage is not some “Hollywood” film plot, it is a serious crime and can have devastating consequences for those affected and victimized. Years of litigation, strategic advantages lost, recovery costs required to address the issue, work stoppages, hard-earned reputations gone. The aftermath of such devastating matters, as well as recouping and rebuilding the gains which were lost, can last decades available for anyone to read on the internet forever.

Avoiding such disaster in the first place is essential for any company engaged in this new, final frontier. GlobalSecur® along with our international protective services partners from both the US military and the private sector, and our in-house, US patented FoneTrac® technology present the wisest options for your organization. Protected and secure, we all win the race!

Photo credit: Foter.com