Work and life balance sounds like a great goal doesn’t it? Easier said than done. We understand no matter how well organized a person is, families are full of the unexpected. employee medical overseas assistanceThat can include sweet moments like having breakfast in bed on your birthday (burnt toast and chocolate milk anyone?). It can also mean dealing with a sick child at the most inconvenient moment (smile for the family photo!). When your VIP is planning to go overseas on a business trip, they might decide to take the “show on the road” and bring the family along. That’s when GlobalSecur’s employee overseas medical assistance team is there to help.

In today’s business world, work and family can come together in the form of an overseas business trip. It’s not really seen as a perk anymore. Taking a spouse and children along can keep a family connected. If your VIP is including their brood on a business trip, it may be helpful to know GlobalSecur’s employee overseas medical assistance team can cover the entire family. Whether a child has hurt themselves on a trip to Japan, or a spouse has come down with the flu in Germany, professional medical support is on at the ready.

GlobalSecur’s Employee Overseas Medical Assistance Team can help a VIP Manage Their Three Ring Circus

Have you heard the phrase, “Not my monkeys, not my circus?” It’s a term frequently used for chaos brewing somewhere else. If an executive receives an email about trouble back at the home office, they might not have time to micro-manage another VIP’s problem. If a traveling employee takes family along on a business trip and something goes awry with their own “little monkeys,” it’s their mess to fix. GlobalSecur’s employee overseas medical assistance team is prepared. Whether it’s finding a reliable doctor for a sick spouse in Asia, or helping a child bandage a broken arm, support is there.

Managing a family on a business trip can feel like walking a tightrope. How can an executive successfully balance the safety of their family with the obligations of work? Leave it to GlobalSecure’s employee overseas medical assistance team. If the executive has to attend a breakfast conference before meeting with a spouse and kids at Euro Disney, GlobalSecure can be on alert for both. A medical professional is within reach 24/7 at the touch of a button on any smartphone. Even when your executive is balancing work and family Globalsecure’s employee overseas medical assistance team help them get safely across the tightrope.