Variety is the spice of life! That’s especially true for hotels around the world trying to entice business travelers to choose them. Today’s hotels have learned that offering a variety of services can be the key to being a number one choice. executive travel safetyNot only have hotels raised the bar on concierge services worldwide, but specialty items are now delivered straight to a guest’s room. Do you need your suit dry cleaned and delivered by dinner? No problem! Expecting an important package? We’ll call when it arrives and ask when we can drop it off. Need to send a special thank you gift to a new business partner? How about a box of truffles from a local chocolatier? When it comes to serving hotel guest needs, nothing is beyond reach.

If you’re an HR manager and your VIP has been doing a bit of globetrotting lately, they probably request to stay at specific hotels for various reasons. Maybe it’s due to the on-site luxury conference rooms, the spa or high-end concierge support. It could also be the special attention they receive from staff. Whatever their motive, executive travel safety may be more on your HR mind than on that of your VIP’s. While executives can enjoy a variety of experiences overseas, one thing you don’t want them to experience is a security threat. Just like a luxury hotel, GlobalSecur’s team offers a range of executive travel safety options from secure transportation to emergency medical support and security alerts.

GlobalSecur’s Assortment of Executive Travel Safety Tools Keep a VIP Satisfied

Luxury hotels make it a habit to give guests plenty of choices. A perfect example is the array of food. Options can include scrumptious breakfast buffets, afternoon tea and cocktail hour with trays of tempting hors d’oeuvres. Whatever an executive feels like noshing on at the moment, they’ll find something to please their palates. GlobalSecur follows the same theme for executive travel safety by offering a variety of executive travel safety tools for any security threat. Travelling to Saudi Arabia to meet with business partners? IMG has a VIP security plan tailored specifically for that type of trip. Concerned about the weather report in Thailand before a conference? FoneTrac’s executive travel safety tools can keep a VIP up-to-date on current conditions and support if evacuation is necessary.

It’s important to note, a quality hotel staff knows to anticipate guest needs. If there’s an infant travelling along, the crib already be in the room before check-in. If a return guest requires a wheat-free diet, special options have already been noted on their room menu. As the best executive travel safety team, GlobalSecur is on the lookout 24/7 anticipating safety threats before a VIP is aware. If a terrorist threat is emerging in Germany, the VIP will receive an alert on their smartphone. If a new cyberattack has launched while the employee was resting on the flight overseas, they will be supported as soon as they wake up on the tarmac. The best executive travel safety, like the best hotels worldwide, provide a level of variety and service above all others. GlobalSecure matched with IMG and FoneTrac have it covered.