For international business travelers, checking in with the home office can feel like another chore to check off of the list. A VIP may appreciate a company’s duty to be concerned about their welfare when flying abroad, but the constant demands to check in and confirm their safety can be bothersome. employee itinerary monitoringThe employee could be right in the middle of a conference with an important business partner in Saudi Arabia when the phone buzzes for attention. Sometimes a connecting flight is late and the VIP is taking a quick catnap to refresh when the phone vibrates in her pocket and wakes her up. Instead of unintentionally annoying a VIP, GlobalSecur’s employee itinerary monitoring tools are transparent and don’t need an immediate response.

GlobalSecur’s executive protection and security programs are easy for an HR team to access and find where their traveling executive is. It’s also less vexing on the overseas VIP. Instead of asking to step out during an important conference with a Saudi business partner, their whereabouts are easily shared with HR back home. The employee itinerary monitoring program can show the exact location as well as the current safety climate. If a security threat has been located nearby, the FoneTrac travel safety app will alert an executive immediately and share the location of the danger.

The Sky is Falling! Only if GlobalSecur’s Employee Itinerary Monitoring Tools Say So

The more an employee is disturbed by corporate office calls, the less they may be willing to respond immediately. It can be a case of “Chicken Little” where every call is treated like an emergency when it’s really not. Overreacting to any unplanned change in a traveling itinerary can cause them to ignore constant interruptions. Instead of creating drama when there isn’t any, GlobalSecr’s employee itinerary monitoring tools keep the home office informed and the VIP undisturbed. Combined with FoneTrac’s tracking app an overseas executive’s exact location can be seen any time. If a real threat occurs, GlobalSecur can help guide them to a safe area.

Let’s use a hypothetical example. It’s important to note that the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Saudi Arabia have issued a travel warning. There are real risks to visiting the country. Terrorism and political unrest can spill out to other areas where business travelers are. This is where the GlobalSecur’s employee itinerary monitoring system can support an employee and their company when a true security threat develops. The IMG team will work with key employees prior to a trip to assess the degree of risk and create a manageable plan. If the sky is truly falling, FoneTrac will alert the VIP. The GlobalSecur support team will help connect them to a security-trained staff that will lead the employee to safety. With a professional group of security experts and the use of a top employee itinerary monitoring system, HR doesn’t have to ask “are you there yet?”