Despite the news about the importance of manufacturing in both the US and the UK, the reality is advanced economies rely on services. Today, it is easy for people to get what they need on their own schedule and without much effort.employee medical assistance overseasIf an executive has a load of dirty suits, many dry cleaning services will pick up and deliver on the same day. Not willing to stand in line for your extra-whip-decaf-latte? Phone it in and drive through on the way to work. Need a prescription re-filled? Just text the pharmacist and have it delivered to the office. Anyone who’s been in business long enough may appreciate today’s time-saving trend. Younger executives may just expect it.

If a VIP is traveling overseas on business, they expect their travel security support to be simple too. Today, no one wants to actually “call” anyone if they don’t have to. Simple texts and alerts normally handle what many traveling executives are looking for. If they need to speak to someone, they want to talk to a real professional asap, no waiting around. So if the news reports a breakout of a new bird flu while a VIP is at the airport, they want an easy international employee medical assistance service. A quick alert on the FoneTrac app can note the exact location of the danger. A press of the panic alert button will connect the VIP to a GlobalSecure professional about what to do next.

Special Delivery: GlobalSecure’s Employee Medical Assistance Service

Medical emergencies can happen right at the worst time. Maybe an overseas executive has an early morning meeting, but can’t shake what feels like the stomach flu. Time and money spent to make a great impression on a business partner can be in the balance. They need to see a doctor and solve the problem fast. That’s when GlobalSecur’s employee medical assistance service goes into action. A quick call to GlobalSecur can help the sickly VIP locate the closest medical professional and schedule transportation as well. Common problems such as prescription refills, small cuts or the sniffles can be managed with an expert customer service attitude.

GlobalSecur’s employee medical assistance service manages more dangerous emergencies with the same attention to service as well. If the executive has gotten into a cab accident in India, GlobalSecure professionals can locate the best medical facility in the country. If the VIP requires a specialist not found in the country, a medical evacuation will be arranged for export to the best caregivers nearby. GlobalSecur’s employee medical assistance service not only delivers to the VIP, but any family members along for the trip. Today’s business travelers may have high expectations for a top employee medical assistance service. GlobalSecur – teamed with FoneTrac – exceeds them.