Computers are now playing chess and Go at the grand-master level, and can play a pretty mean game of Jeopardy as well. Does this mean that the human brain has been out-matched for good? Should we welcome our new computer overlords? Despite the hype, this is hardly the case, and little reason to worry about the impending obsolescence of human beings as a species, displaced by intelligent machines.

Basic employee monitoring tasks can be automated. Examples of this include verifying that pre-determined check-in schedules are being following, for example when employees are using our Fonetrac mobile app Executive Travel Security(available for Android and iPhone). Computers never sleep, so can simultaneously track employees in many time zones, waiting for the check-in window to close. If an employee misses a check-in, then an automated reminder can be sent, but if no response is received within a set time, then what? At this stage, only an organization with human resources to deploy can determine the best way to proceed.

The Flip Side of Employee Monitoring is Employee Assistance

Turning the situation around, employees out in the field may require a customized responses to their current situation. Consider what happens find themselves in a predicament whose solution does not fall within the pre-programmed options in a phone menu. Automated prompts to “press 1 if you have been arrested, press 2 if you have been kidnapped” are not truly helpful or comforting in an emergency situation. Globalsecur has the resources to bring human expertise into the loop when the real-world events go beyond the white-board scenarios envisioned and programmed ahead of time.

The preferred approach employee monitoring combines a degree of automation, combined with the ability to have human resources step in where needed. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Globalsecur and have one of our friendly staff conduct an employee overseas monitoring audit and demo the available software.