When senior executives are traveling overseas, they can become very pampered. They may be use to flying first class or business class in airplanes, they may be staying at the best hotels, and they may be eating at the best restaurants. They may be drinking at the best bars, drinking the best drinks, and going to the best nightclubs. All of this, it may be occurring, while they suffer and work at a grueling pace. They deserve to have good service, even service with a smile!

If you have ever had occasion to stay at a fine hotel, you may be amazed at the quality of the service. It is not just the people who greet you when you check-in, it is even the waiters in the restaurants, the bellhops, and the people who deliver your food when you order room service. Hotels, in particular, are institutions which have really mastered high quality service, including somehow getting all of their employees to seem to be in a perpetual good mood.

Medical Service with a Smile: Not That Common

Compare this, however, with your experiences at hospitals and medical clinics. If you have ever had the misfortune of being in an emergency room, even in the United States or Western Europe, “service with a smile” is not exactly the first phrase that may come to mind. If you have ever had occasion to be in an emergency room duOverseas Medical Alertsring a major flu epidemic, mere survival may have been sufficient to get you excited, and you may not have exactly been looking for chocolates on your pillow.

Hospitals and doctors are not in the business of providing service with a smile. In this way, when you’re executives or employees are overseas, they may not realize just how tortuous the experience can be in a foreign medical system until they are forced to participate in it. At that point they may be floundering around reaching out for the life preservers just as someone who fell off the Titanic may have been.

  • You do not want this experience to happened to your employees.

The beauty of our service is that we have built both the backend database and front in smart phone application so that your employees can access the service when, or if, they need it. At that point they are able to access live people who can assist them with whatever medical problems they have. Think of our system as the “service with a smile” that may be desperately needed in a foreign medical situation. Just as a fine hotel provides service that is with a smile, but also has a fire system and an alarm system, we have a front end that is friendly, and a backend that is efficient.

A Smile of Relief after an Overseas Medical Emergency

When you need medical help, you may not be looking for service with a smile, but your employees and senior executives, will certainly be grateful when they realize just how valuable your hard work was, when you set up a system of preparation for any type of emergency abroad.

When they returned to you, hopefully safe and sound, they should be greeting you with a smile, or at least a smile of relief. Reach out to us to have a consultation about how we can prepare your organization for all scenarios, and how our services can help with medical emergencies. Be aware that we are also experts at all types of overseas consulting when it comes to security, and our app is much more than just a simple medical emergency system.