GlobalSecur provides alerts to our subscribers on events and potential threats worldwide. Today, unfortunately, the world awoke to an unfolding political crisis in Belgium, following deadly terrorist attacks at the airport and on public transportation. The following is an excerpt from our Global Monitoring Alert for 22 March 2016 / 0700 UTC:

On 22 March 2016 at approximately 0800 local time (0700 UTC), two explosions took place in the departure hall of Brussels Zaventem International Airport (EBrussels AttackBBR/BRU), reportedly near the American Airlines check-in counters. Preliminary reports state that at least one person was killed and dozens of others were injured in the explosions; some reports state that as many as 12 people were killed. Operations at EBBR have been severely disrupted; all outgoing flights have been canceled and all incoming flights are being diverted from the facility. Unconfirmed reports state that firefighters have discovered undetonated explosive devices at EBBR. The airport is being evacuated and the surrounding areas have been locked down. There are also emerging reports of an explosion at the Maalbeek metro station, which is located near European Union facilities in Brussels. Authorities are reportedly shutting down the metro system in response to that incident, although the cause of the apparent blast and its immediate effects remain unclear.

For up-to-date public news coverage, please visit – Google News | Yahoo News. On an on-going basis, companies with employees posted abroad are encouraged to reach out to us to learn about the services provided. The unfortunate events unfolding in Belgium are yet another reminder of the security threats posed to innocent civilians in a turbulent world.

Recommendations after Brussels Attack for International Business Travel (Employee / Executive Travel)

  • Travel security managers should make contact with their employees in Brussels to determine their status and location.
  • Those with plans to travel through Brussels airport should anticipate cancellations or significant delays.
  • Travelers should avoid the Zaventem municipality and areas surrounding the airport to the extent possible. If travelers are currently in the affected area, they should locate a secure area and remain there until authorities provide further instructions.
  • Those in the impacted area should closely monitor local news reports.