As a top vendor providing employee overseas monitoring service and technology, we know the customer experience from start to finish. For example, when employees first hear about a program for “employee monitoring” it can strike them as having Orwellian overtones, or at the very least suggests a heavy-handed attempt at micro-managing employee behavior. Both of these thoughts are very wide of the mark. Overseas Employee MonitoringTo begin with, this “monitoring” does not consist of a live video satellite feed of person walking down the street in a foreign city (that’s only on TV). A more accurate and less fraught description of the interaction is “checking in,” which is done via the ubiquitous tool in everyone’s pocket or handbag: a smartphone. This makes the interaction convenient and unobtrusive, and feels perfectly natural since there is “an app for that,” given most any daily routine task.

In fact, once the employees realize that the monitoring is completely transparent (they know what’s being monitored and why), and that the purpose of employee monitoring is to safeguard international employee travel security, then they actually get excited about the concept. After all, travel abroad can be not only exciting but also a bit stressful, especially in today’s environment of natural disasters, terrorism, unexpected political turmoil, flus and so much more. The fact that your employees will have a 24/7 emergency monitoring service (with assistance, including medical) is actually comforting. Just as in the United S
tates we would depend on 911 to route us to the police, fire, or other emergency services, the GlobalSecur system will be able to support and even contact local help. If the Internet and the iPhone bring the world to your fingertips, this system brings the local emergency services to your fingertips – and, if necessary, can help transport you out of a country if that’s the best option.

Options and information – these two, together, form a powerful combination for overseas employee monitoring.

Overseas Employee Monitoring for International Travel: For When the Unexpected Happens

The rare but spectacular episodes of violence are what grab the headlines, and though they may be one reason to institute a program of employee monitoring, it really should not be the primary reason for it. There are many more common events–though still rare in the overall scheme of things–that make employee monitoring a good idea. Consider something as mundane as the weather. Usually weather is not a big deal, and viewed as a possible inconvenience, not a threat. However anyone traveling in England recently might have been impacted the extreme rain events and subsequent flooding. This is nothing anyone could have planned for (it was in no way predicted), but travelers working with a pre-planned employee monitoring system in place would have had a quick and easy way of alerting their parent organization of their status. The terrible tsunamis of recent years as well as major hurricanes are other examples of weather-related threats to employee security.

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