Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone. Some people prefer the Apple iPhone, while others are fond of the Samsung Android phones. The reality in today’s international corporate environment, is that nearly everyone has a smart phone! In fact, even many students and lower income individuals also have smart phones. The reality, in short, is that in the advanced countries such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, smart phones have become all but ubiquitous.

Therefore, as a coordinator of employee travel, and employee overseas deployments, you may realize that the smart phone provides a wonderful opportunity. In what way? Well, of course, the obvious opportunity is that you can call your employees from your home office, anywhere in the world. This, of course, assumes that they have their phones turned on and they have access to some type of cellular communications network. But again, even here, this is becoming ubiquitous.

Global International Security Monitoring: New Possibilities

Now, however, rather than bootstrapping your way to global international security monitoring, we have a unique offering that is worldwide smart phone monitoring. In conjunction with our FoneTrac travel security app, you are able to not only monitor your employees, and they can easily check in on a daily basis so that you know their whereabouts, but also the system has both check-in and panic buttons. In this way, the smart phone, can make international employee security monitoring so easy as to be almost brainless.

International Employee Security MonitorinThis is important, because, if a system requires a lot of pro active thought in participation on the part of the employee, the employee may simply forget to check in. In combination with the smart phone, our FoneTrac system, makes GlobalSecur more powerful than ever. By using our service, your organization now has a powerful way to assist and monitor employees across the globe, and thereby improve the international travel security of senior executives and other employees who have been deployed in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Venezuela.