International Crisis Management Consulting Firm

GlobalSecur® is an innovative international travel management service offered by Incident Management Group (IMG). Since 1995, our consultancy has provided risk management and security services to hundreds of clients to protect their brand, people, products and customer interests. As a result, our experienced people have a complete understanding of what it takes to be an essential corporate security resource.

IMG Advantages:

  • Hands-On & Employee Travel Monitoring
  • Completely Customizable Services
  • Pay for Only the Services You Need
  • Professional Security and Medical Advice Available
  • IMG is Known & Trusted for Integrated Country-Specific Services

Why use GlobalSecur® instead of other available travel management security services?

Because GlobalSecur® provides you with travel management services that are unavailable elsewhere. You also have access to our in-house professional consulting expertise and many more essential services at lowest. You can take advantage of our lower cost structure while working with experienced international security consultants with support from our Fortune 500 business partners when needed.

Irrespective of your organization’s size, you will have access to the same resources that we afford to our large multinational clients.

Over the years, IMG has strategically partnered with numerous business and government sectors. Our goal from one day to the next is to maintain our hard-earned reputation for helping organizations satisfy their proactive and emergency corporate security needs.

Contact us for more information or a phone consultation regarding your security needs.

Apart from cost benefits, using IMG brings you a number of significant advantages

Since IMG provides hands-on monitoring of all your travel activities, you do not need to monitor your employees’ locations and potential threats to decide whether they are potentially in danger. IMG’s system - unlike others - is an "active" system, meaning that on your behalf we constantly monitor your employee locations as well as any threats or issues that may affect your people. In the event of problems, we will notify them in accordance with an agreed procedure.

Your GlobalSecur® system is designed to suit your own operations. GlobalSecur® services can be completely customized. Improvements or modifications that match your requirements are made in days rather than months. As an example, GlobalSecur® includes individual user accounts so your travelers and ex-pats can enter specific travel-related information in addition to that captured automatically captured from their itineraries. Travelers can also access copies of their passports and other documents for convenient download. Many other client-driven features are in use and available.

Your employees can benefit from a more accurate form of monitoring, either for their travel generally or for visits to locations that may present a high risk. Travel itinerary data is limited and may not be available or useful for cross-border ground transportation journeys, or when an overseas subsidiary makes additional travel arrangements. IMG's innovative and easy to use FoneTrac® system works with all smartphones and provides more accurate location information on your global monitoring map.

If your business units need access to their own travel location information, GlobalSecur® is easily configured to suit your subsidiary operations.

Pay for only the services you need. GlobalSecur® innovative services are tailored to meet your exact needs now and in the future. There are no hidden or additional charges such as PNR fees, block purchase costs, etc.

IMG manages and provides oversight of all your employee travel. Professional security and medical advice is there when needed. As a GlobalSecur® user, each traveler has 24/7 one-number access to a US-based Emergency Control Center. Overseas services for your employees range from help with minor issues and questions, up to and including medical and political evacuation.

Known, trusted and integrated country-specific services. As we do for numerous IMG clients, we will help your employees to operate in a secure environment by providing seamless, overseas services including executive and personal protection, VIP meet and greet, secure aviation, ground transportation, meeting or event security and more. We provide continuous, hands-on management to ensure that our services meet or exceed your travelers’ expectations.