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Use this form to submit any security-related question to our network of specialized consultants. You can enter
any question that relates to your Company travel or overseas work activities. Questions about human resource or legal
concerns, etc., should be directed to the appropriate Company management.

Please note that the use of this resource is not intended as a substitute for existing security support services
within your Company. After you have submitted your travel- or overseas-related question, IMG will reply to you within 24
business hours. The advice or consultation provided through the Virtual Consultant will be limited to explanations
of basic steps and considerations that you can use to make security-related decisions. Dependent on the nature of
your question, IMG may communicate with your management regarding further steps that may be recommended. If
IMG is unable to provide you with a reply within 24 hours, you will receive an email notification with the reason
for the delay.

IMG reserves the right to refuse requests for information if they exceed the intended scope of this service.

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