Employee Travel Security - GlobalSecur Monitoring and Tracking

In an increasingly uncertain world, ensuring the safety and security of your travelers and employees stationed overseas is always a priority. GlobalSecur® is a comprehensive yet affordable global protection service that provides safety for your overseas business travelers, together with security guidance, global intelligence and security monitoring services.

The service is designed to help your travelers prepare for overseas trips, and to keep track of them around the world. GlobalSecur® was developed specifically to raise security awareness when traveling, reduce risks when travelers visit various locations, and help them get immediate security and medical support when they need it.

  • A Worldwide Service – GlobalSecur tracks your employees anywhere in the world.
  • Itinerary and non-itinerary tracking – Track employees whether they have itineraries or not.
  • Medical Assistance and Evacuation – Country experts advise on best in-country care and, if need be, medical evacuation

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Learn more about GlobalSecur Travel Security

Employee travel security whether in the United Kingdom or United States, Saudia Arabia or Egypt, Mexico or Brazil, is a corporate system that should not be left until a crisis hits. The experts at the IMG Group have created GlobalSecur to help companies monitor and assist key employees from the moment travel begins until travel ends, to avoid problems. In the event of an emergency, the system and its experts stand ready to help with everything from country security alerts to employee tracking to medical evacuation.

Travel security issues can occur at an individual level (an employee or family member gets sick) or at a national level (political, economic, or natural disaster crisis strikes). Will you and your company be ready? Do you have the key country insights and global infrastructure to manage a crisis? GlobalSecur is designed to prevent employee travel disruptions before they happen, mitigate travel security problems should they occur, and address them in their fullest if need be, including expatriate evacuation from crisis spots. Some common corporate and employee needs include -

  • Security alerts – Alerts at a country, region, and city level of possible threats to employee security
  • Phone tracking – Using today's smart phone technologies to track employees with employee consent for safety reasons
  • In-country expertise – Especially, but not only, in medical emergencies in-country experts can provided needed insights on best courses of action

Employee security should never be an afterthought. Reach out to consider how GlobalSecur can help your company to keep employees safe and secure before, during, and after a crisis or emergency.

Employee Travel Security