Celebrities traveling abroad can command far more than their fair share of attention because their every move is highlighted in the media. Certainly, they may get paid a lot of money, but that comes at a price, and that price is loss of privacy. Continue reading

Company VIP’s are used to getting what they need when they need it. Until then, they are in charge and calling the shots. HR managers are happy to accommodate the requests of a top VIP because great leaders require great support. Yet, it is always a balance between managing the location of VIP’s abroad, and allowing them to lead the way. Continue reading

There are different possible definitions of travel abroad security: medical emergency security, safety from terrorist threats, executive travel security, or even just the peace-of-mind that derives from help is near at hand should something go wrong. In a perfect world all of these could be comprehensively dealt with at once, but realistically the costs could […]