You’ve heard the term “Break a Leg” referring to wishing a person good luck. It’s a theatrical term based on the superstition that actually wishing anyone bad luck will bring them good luck. In America, when wishing someone farewell, most people go with the standard “have a safe trip.” Continue reading

Medical pandemics are a popular movie genre. Theater-goers enjoy a good fright while sitting safely in their seats viewing the chaos of an epidemic on screen. Illness can include all manner of ruin to the infected including “un-dead” symptoms. We have to admit, some of our staff enjoy a good zombie pandemic film too. We can get a bit critical about the story line though. Continue reading

Los Angeles, California – February 29, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading global security consulting firm, is proud to announce an important post to its customer-facing blog on the issue of overseas employee monitoring. The GlobalSecur blog is meant to explain employee security issues and monitoring opportunities in a straightforward manner, suitable for busy human resources managers or senior executives who manage an employee workforce abroad. Continue reading

Nowadays, everyone has a smart phone. Some people prefer the Apple iPhone, while others are fond of the Samsung Android phones. The reality in today’s international corporate environment, is that nearly everyone has a smart phone! In fact, even many students and lower income individuals also have smart phones. The reality, in short, is that […]