In a business journal you may read statistics about “global travel” rising or falling. A trade publication for the airline, ocean cruise or hospitality industries might speak of “overseas travel.” The U.S. State Department couches its press releases in phrases like “international travel.” Continue reading

Los Angeles, California – February 29, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading global security consulting firm, is proud to announce an important post to its customer-facing blog on the issue of overseas employee monitoring. The GlobalSecur blog is meant to explain employee security issues and monitoring opportunities in a straightforward manner, suitable for busy human resources managers or senior executives who manage an employee workforce abroad. Continue reading

As a top vendor providing employee overseas monitoring service and technology, we know the customer experience from start to finish. For example, when employees first hear about a program for “employee monitoring” it can strike them as having Orwellian overtones, or at the very least suggests a heavy-handed attempt at micro-managing employee behavior. Both of these thoughts are very wide of the mark. Continue reading