As one of the premier providers of employee travel security services, GlobalSecur is privy to the problems that may (or may not occur) when employee dine out, especially alone.  Continue reading

In light of the recent tragedy at the Brussels International Airport and the tragic incident regarding EgyptAir Flight 804, more and more corporations and business travelers are realizing that travel security is not something just for the streets and subways of Europe, but a frame of mind that must be active from the moment that one […]

If you are planning a trip overseas this summer, chances are you are somewhat concerned about two big security threats: 1) the threat of terrorist attacks such a we witness in Paris and Brussels, and/or 2) the threat of medical problems such as the Zika virus outbreak in South America. Whether you are a business […]

New York, NY – March 22, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a top firm in the international business travel security consulting space, has issued a travel advisory bulletin on the recent Brussels attack and bombings. With estimates of at least thirty one killed and nearly two hundred injured in the Brussels attacks, the company’s GlobalSecur system is […]

GlobalSecur provides alerts to our subscribers on events and potential threats worldwide. Today, unfortunately, the world awoke to an unfolding political crisis in Belgium, following deadly terrorist attacks at the airport and on public transportation. The following is an excerpt from our Global Monitoring Alert for 22 March 2016 / 0700 UTC: On 22 March […]

New York, NY – December 29, 2015. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce that it has made it easier for interested parties to subscribe to the firm’s daily intelligence briefing, focused on issues of employee international security. Continue reading