Fall is the time U.S. companies offer open enrollment for their employees. Corporate staff looking to change their existing medical care, or sign up for a new plan are finally able to make it happen. Continue reading

When senior executives are traveling overseas, they can become very pampered. They may be use to flying first class or business class in airplanes, they may be staying at the best hotels, and they may be eating at the best restaurants. They may be drinking at the best bars, drinking the best drinks, and going to the best nightclubs. All of this, it may be occurring, while they suffer and work at a grueling pace. They deserve to have good service, even service with a smile! Continue reading

Senior executives and VIPs are very special people, and often they know it. They may be very high up in the food chain of your organization, be that a corporation or nonprofit. This is also true for those who work for the government. People who become executives have not only a particular type of personality but they have a particular type of psychological experience. Let’s face it: they are used to getting their way. A very high executive may be very used to being able to boss people around, and may be used to people simply saying yes. The “yes man” is a well-known stereotype, but the flipside of this is the boss who demands to have his or her way. Continue reading

Many of us when we travel abroad as individuals may be smart enough to think in advance about the possibility of a medical emergency. For those of us who live in the United States, and are used to a private insurance system it may be relatively easy to conceptualize the need for insurance. However, many people may or may not be aware that some aspects of their private medical insurance will not work, or will not be covered when they are abroad. Continue reading

Overseas travel for your employees can be enjoyable, but at the same time there is no discounting that it put a certain amount of stress on the human body. Long planes flights (even business class isn’t what it used to be), disrupted sleep schedules due to the change of time zones and exigencies of travel, […]