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VIP’s can get weary of being fussed over. Their staff and supporters may want them to be happy and go out of the way to ensure all an executive’s comforts are met. Booking first-class seats and five-star hotels for senior managers travelling overseas on business can be common. Continue reading

Sometimes we put too much trust in our personal ability to navigate things “on the fly.” For instance, have you ever experienced that moment where your car was lost in a large parking lot? Continue reading

Employee privacy is a serious issue for HR managers. Managing the security of sensitive employee records is a full time job. Companies owe their staff the proper care of personal information both legally and morally. Continue reading

New York, NY – April 29, 2017. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international executive security consulting firm, is proud to announce that experts Chris Hagon and Tim Bradley have been interviewed by Fox news in an important article sharing tips and ideas to improve international travel security for senior executives in countries as diverse as Mexico, China, and India. Continue reading

At work or at life in general, some people need more attention than others. They mean well, but their constant interruptions can throw off a work day. It could be a friend texting about the weekend. Want to go out for Italian food? Which restaurant should we go to? Do you want to go out to a movie afterwards? It can be an unending string of questions interrupting a busy executive’s train of thought. Another annoyance is co-workers constantly seeking counsel. Continue reading

Global travel is on the rise and busy company executives travel from one country to the next to keep business running smoothly. In the meantime, back at the main office, HR managers work to ensure that there is an employee travel security plan at every stop. When the VIP takes a redeye flight to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and then hops over to Delhi, India, HR managers need a safety strategy to keep up. Although technology has connected people from all over the world, danger in a foreign country can quickly cut ties. Continue reading

April 29, 2016 – New York, NY. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce that it has published a Q&A (Question and Answer) document on its website to address many questions on its FoneTrac travel security app. With business travel safety high on the minds of many corporate travelers, the […]