There are certain verities in the world, e.g. the sun rises in the east. This is well-known, and in fact we know exactly where and exactly when it will rise each day. In contrast, there are future events that are known in outline, but not in specific detail, which makes travel risk assessment more of an art than a science. Continue reading

Global trekking VIP’s with a full plate, may not be able to squeeze in executive travel safety training before flying out on business. Also, one 30 minute presentation cannot cover the innumerable scenarios an employee will face while traveling abroad. Each country has its own wonders and dangers. If training is put off until a real emergency, then VIP’s need intuitive technology with easy-to-access resources. Continue reading

Computers are now playing chess and Go at the grand-master level, and can play a pretty mean game of Jeopardy as well. Does this mean that the human brain has been out-matched for good? Should we welcome our new computer overlords? Despite the hype, this is hardly the case, and little reason to worry about the impending obsolescence of human beings as a species, displaced by intelligent machines. Continue reading

If you are planning a trip overseas this summer, chances are you are somewhat concerned about two big security threats: 1) the threat of terrorist attacks such a we witness in Paris and Brussels, and/or 2) the threat of medical problems such as the Zika virus outbreak in South America. Whether you are a business […]

In a business journal you may read statistics about “global travel” rising or falling. A trade publication for the airline, ocean cruise or hospitality industries might speak of “overseas travel.” The U.S. State Department couches its press releases in phrases like “international travel.” Continue reading

Los Angeles, California – February 29, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading global security consulting firm, is proud to announce an important post to its customer-facing blog on the issue of overseas employee monitoring. The GlobalSecur blog is meant to explain employee security issues and monitoring opportunities in a straightforward manner, suitable for busy human resources managers or senior executives who manage an employee workforce abroad. Continue reading

There are different possible definitions of travel abroad security: medical emergency security, safety from terrorist threats, executive travel security, or even just the peace-of-mind that derives from help is near at hand should something go wrong. In a perfect world all of these could be comprehensively dealt with at once, but realistically the costs could […]