If you were going to Paris, but only had two days to see the “City of Lights” you might well hire an expert. You might also hire an organizational expert if your closet was in a mess and you needed help sorting it.

Employee travel safety expert.

Photo credit: Dirk Desmet via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Well, if you are an employer and you are sending employees overseas you should hire an employee travel safety expert.

The world is a dangerous place, with terrorist attacks likely to take place anywhere. Only a few days ago, UK police disclosed that they are monitoring no fewer than 700 situations with regard to possible terrorist action. And that’s in the UK which you would think is a relatively peaceful country. It’s not as if it were Syria or Iraq.

At GlobalSecur we monitor countries around the world on an ongoing basis. Problems can arise anywhere, and they don’t have to be terrorist related. Natural disasters can occur anywhere such as the recent wildfires in California and in Portugal, or the dreadful bridge collapse in Italy. Certainly, our employee travel safety experts cannot foresee such things as a bridge collapsing, but if your employee was unfortunately injured in such an incident it might well be that he or she would need medical help on the ground or may need to be repatriated. GlobalSecur can help with both of these situations, because we have contacts worldwide to enable us to do so.

We Spot Situations Before They Develop

Since we constantly monitor security worldwide our employee travel safety expert can spot situations that are potentially dangerous before they arise, and we can notify your employee with an alert and at the same time notify you as the employer, in accordance with a pre-agreed procedure. We track your employees wherever they are in the world, and we can track them whether or not they have an itinerary. We created GlobalSecur with the object of monitoring and helping your key employees from the moment they leave the country to the moment they safely return. Our aim is to prevent travel disruptions before they occur, mitigate them if they should do so, and deal with them robustly if need be.

Your employees can also download our FoneTrac app to their smartphone which enables them to update their position as frequently as they wish, and it will then be monitored on our global mapping system. Should there be the likelihood of a problem arising, the system will send them an alert. FoneTrac also includes a panic button for your employee’s use in any sort of emergency, and our back up support will swing into action with advice or with assistance on the ground as needed.

Photo credit: Dirk Desmet via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND