You’ve probably heard the phrase, “herding cats.” Well, that’s nothing compared to “herding executives.” Executive travel safety consultant.In fact, it’s in a completely different “cat”egory! If you’re an HR manager and send VIPs or executives abroad, you may want to hire an executive travel safety consultant. We can help you audit the dangerous activities your “cats” are prone to and give recommendations for improving their safety.

At GlobalSecur our job is to keep your executives safe wherever they happen to be in the world. We’re #1 in the world for consulting on employee travel security. We do this through a number of different functions and our number one priority is always to take preventative action. We would far rather advise and assist your executives to leave what appears to be a dangerous area, even if nothing untoward then ensues, rather than have to sort out the mess afterwards. Our view is always that it is better to be safe than sorry, and nowhere is this more true than in many of the high risk areas of the world.

Constantly Monitoring Your Executives for Their Safety and Security

Our executive travel safety consultant is part of a team that constantly monitors your executives wherever they happen to be. Travel security issues can arise at an individual level or at a national level. At the individual level your executive could become ill and need medical treatment but has no idea where to go or who to call. We can provide the advice that is needed for medical treatment on the ground. Your executive might be driving his own vehicle abroad and become involved in an accident. Obviously, the vehicle will need to be recovered and repaired, and then there is also the question of insurance and who is responsible for the accident – your executive or the other driver?

Our executive travel safety consultant is aware that these are difficult issues when you are in a strange country because you don’t understand the local laws and you have no idea where to go or who to ask for help. However, when you have GlobalSecur behind you, you will have no such problems because we have the answers. We have contacts wherever you are likely to need them, so when accidents happen we can keep the trauma to a minimum.

You can also keep track of your executives with our FoneTrac travel safety app which they can simply download to their Android or iPhone. With this, they can log in wherever they are and as often as they wish, and our global mapping system will update their position. It also has a panic button which they can use in any sort of emergency to notify us of a problem, and our team will then instantly swing into action in order to resolve it and keep your executive safe.