When your executives need to travel abroad they may not be fully aware of all the security implications for the country or countries that they are visiting. After all, there is no real reason that they should: they are experts in the products or services that your company provides, not experts in travel security.executive travel security

However, it is your responsibility to look after them to the best of your ability, which is why you need to hire an executive travel security consultant from GlobalSecur. The GlobalSecur program was designed for the sole purpose of providing a one-stop, cost-effective security and medical assistance solution to businesses whose executives and staff need to travel abroad, whether that is infrequently or on an ongoing basis. The GlobalSecur program is also available in modules so that you can choose only the services that you need. This means that you keep costs to the bare minimum while at the same time providing maximum security for your executives.

Our executive travel security consultants keep a constant watch on the country or countries that your executives are visiting in order to be aware of any possible threats or emerging risks that may ensue, in addition to all of the current information that we hold on those countries, which is a considerable amount. We can provide your executives with a pre-travel briefing in order to insure that they are as up to date as possible before leaving.

Pro-Active Monitoring of Executives and their International Travel Security Needs Overseas

Our service is pro-active, with ongoing monitoring of your executive’s location and possible threats, and which requires no input whatsoever on the part of your organization. If there is likely to be any problem, we can contact you and your executives directly in accordance with whatever procedures we have agreed, by email, voice, or text.

We also have our FoneTrac monitoring system which works internationally on all smart phones. This is a travel safety app which you download to a mobile phone or tablet and it has a built-in panic button for the user to press if there is an emergency. It also provides journey management, automated or manual check-in, and more. FoneTrac is especially useful in situations where there is no itinerary, such as cross-border operations, or when ongoing travel is arranged by a local agent.

The GlobalSecur executive travel security consultant can also provide assistance in the event of a medical emergency. We have contacts on the ground who can help your traveling executives if they need any form of medical assistance. This is a major benefit of the GlobalSecur program, since medical emergencies can occur anywhere at any time.