GlobalSecur is a key specialist in maintaining the travel security and travel security of your employees and your executives when they travel abroad.

Executive travel security overseas

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Unfortunately it is a fact that the world is becoming increasingly insecure, with conflicts continuing around the globe, terrorists striking almost at random, and increasing tensions with Russia, despite the President’s recent remarks at the G7 conference.

Yet we still have to travel abroad in order to conduct business, even though there may be all sorts of different risks. In some of the more volatile hot spots the risks can vary from day to day, but at GlobalSecur we always keep our finger on the pulse. This is particularly important with executive travel security, as executives can be more of a target for foreign competitors who may wish to cause harm to a company.

GlobalSecur travel safety is designed to keep your executives safe wherever they may be going. Our pre-travel destination reports highlight any particular areas of unrest in the political and security environment in destinations worldwide, and can suggest ways to keep travel risks to a minimum: we describe this as “know before you go” – and it makes a lot of sense. Forewarned is forearmed.

Indicators of Travel Security Issues

Of course there are incidents which can happen without warning, such as the Manchester bombing in England last year which was the result of an individual who had not appeared as a threat, but many areas of unrest throw up indicators. At GlobalSecur we keep a constant watch for these so that we can advise any executives in the area through our executive travel security service of the best action to take in the event of a likely problem. You can be assured that we always have our ear to the ground, and we work in partnership with many overseas companies who can assist on the ground in cases of crisis, when emergency evacuation may be needed, or medical assistance may be required.

GlobalSecur can also provide safe and secure aviation and ground transport services in most locations worldwide, and these can range from our international car service providing a vehicle and security-trained driver, to a secure and discreet meeting location with full protection, security guards, and an armored vehicle if needed.

We also provide an education and training service along with our executive travel security service which will provide your executives with in-depth information about the areas to which they intend to travel which can help to increase considerably their overall level of safety.

All of the services provided by GlobalSecur – of which there are many – are available as individual components, which means that clients can select only those that are applicable to their needs, thus keeping costs to a minimum.

Photo credit: Kurt:S via / CC BY