It is a fact of life that from time to time employees get sick, which is why you need to have a sick leave policy for your company, whether you are an executive, or in charge of HR. Employee Overseas Medical AssistanceIt is quite bad enough when key employees go sick at home in the middle of an important issue, but at least you can possibly find someone to fill their shoes on a temporary basis while they are off.

However, if they are traveling abroad on company business and they go sick then it becomes much more of a problem. Suddenly it is not just “their problem” any more, it is yours problem as the HR manager as well. There is also greater risk when traveling abroad since there may be an outbreak of a “local” illness to which your employee may succumb because he or she simply does not have immunity to it.

This is where the employee medical assistance service that we provide at GlobalSecur can be of such help. The GlobalSecur service has been designed to provide your organization with complete safety and protection for your staff traveling overseas combining as it does global intelligence and security monitoring, risk assessment, emergency response and crisis management, medical assistance, safety, and communications.

FoneTrac Travel Safety App

Our advanced FoneTrac travel safety app works globally on all smartphone platforms and is especially useful when there is no specific itinerary such as onward travel being arranged by a local provider. The app has a panic button which the employee can use in any form of emergency, including requirement for the employee medical assistance service. There is also a “Check-in” button so that the employee can check in at certain pre-specified times, such as on landing at an airport, arriving at a hotel or a meeting, and more. This indicates that the employee is safe and secure, and at the same time enables us to respond if the check-ins are not received when they should be.

The app is monitored 24/7 by US based control centers and allows access to GlobalSecur for advice and assistance with any problem, medical or otherwise. The app also has built-in contact numbers for any routine help and advice.

The employee medical assistance service gives access to a network of contacts on the ground wherever your employees may be traveling so that the appropriate medical help can be provided regardless of the problem.

The GlobalSecur program is available in the form of components which enables you to select only the services that you require for your particular operation. This allows for significant cost savings while keeping your employees safe wherever they are.