Celebrities traveling abroad can command far more than their fair share of attention because their every move is highlighted in the media. Certainly, they may get paid a lot of money, but that comes at a price, and that price is loss of privacy.travel safety app

This means that they need to pay far more attention to international travel security than the average traveler going abroad for a fortnight’s holiday. They can become an unwitting target for terrorists, stalkers, and all sorts of individuals who might want to claim their 15 minutes of fame, however they do it.

This is why the VIP and employee travel security that we provide via GlobalSecur is so important. It is not just the possible threat from individuals or groups who might wish to cause harm for their own purposes, but celebrities often have to travel to countries where there is unrest and sometimes little, if any, law enforcement. Or if there is law enforcement it is mainly directed at keeping those at the top in power rather than protecting the rights of the country’s citizens.

Keep Safe Wherever You Are Going

Our VIP travel security can help keep celebrities and other VIP’s safe when traveling abroad, wherever they may be going. To begin with, we can provide a pre-travel report on the area to which you are going which will detail all of the essentials that you need to know for your security. This can be added to with more in-depth reports and the Daily Briefing, and also by speaking to GlobalSecur staff in person. Of itself, this is a very useful service because travelers will be aware of possible pitfalls and more sensitive to any possible dangers.

It is not just threats from individuals or groups that may cause a problem: a simple misunderstanding of local laws in the destination country can also cause problems. For instance, if traveling to Saudi Arabia you must be aware of their laws relating to alcohol. You can get into serious trouble simply by getting off the plane having had a drink or two too many.

GlobalSecur can also arrange for security around flights and on the ground, with vehicles and security-trained drivers to transport clients to hotels and to meetings, and can also provide armored transport if required.

Our VIP travel security can also cater for medical emergencies. If you need medical assistance in the US you can go to the emergency room or to your doctor, but in a foreign country where do you start? Using our FoneTrac travel safety app on your phone can put you in touch with all of the assistance you will need both from the point of view of general advice, and medical assistance on the ground wherever you are.