Now that the US has left the Iran nuclear deal, turmoil is occurring in the Middle East and oil prices are already beginning to rise. You may have employees that are in Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc., and be worried about the geopolitical tensions, and you would be right to do so for they are very real.GlobalSecur for employees traveling overseas.

Having said that, some of the problems which arise with employees on foreign trips are much more mundane, such as an attack of appendicitis. Fair enough – that is not mundane to the employee involved, but he or she cannot just nip down to the doctor when in Israel or Saudi Arabia.

This is one of the functions of GlobalSecur who can offer your employees help in any such situation. Wherever they may happen to be, they can reach out to us for medical help since medical problems don’t “play politics”. GlobalSecur clients and their employees have immediate access to a US-based multi-lingual emergency control center from wherever they happen to be in the world. This means that immediate employee medical assistance in the Middle East and security support is available at all times whenever it is needed. We’re the experts on employee travel security including medical security for employees overseas.

“Hands On” Approach to Employee Travel Safety and Security

The experts at GlobaSecur use a very much “hands on” approach which continuously monitors and manages all aspects of your overseas travel security and includes employee itinerary monitoring and threat monitoring so that you and your employees can be notified of any problems as soon as they arise. In many cases you will be advised on the basis of probabilities before a situation has arisen so that you or your employees can take the recommended action which is most appropriate. Employee medical assistance in the Middle East is only one of many different situations which might arise, but it does wonders for your peace of mind when you know that whatever happens you have a good solid back up.

At GlobalSecur we also have a long list of contacts around the world with whom we can work as trusted partners. We have secure hotels and car services that clients can access in order to make foreign travel more simple and secure.

All of our services can be customized for your exact needs, so you pay only for what you need when you need it. No two clients’ requirements are the same so we provide everything that you could possibly need and then you can select only those services that fit in with your individual operations. Whether that is employee medical assistance in the Middle East or potential security threats in Asia you can trust GlobalSecur to keep you safe.