Hospitality is serious business for premier hotels and resorts around the world. Whether guests visit for work or pleasure, top hotels ensure their every need is cared for. Need concierge to provide a wakeup call and coffee service by 6am? Simple. employee international travel securityTrying to secure orchestra seats for Madam Butterfly at tomorrow night’s booked show? They are already in an envelope on your hotel room table. World class hotels employ a customer service staff who make it their job to work miracles and serve the particular needs of valued guests. In fact, the best concierge staff in the world belong to an exclusive group, the Society of Golden Keys. These are hotel lobby concierge recognized by the crossed gold keys they wear on their lapels. These keys symbolize a group that is dedicated to providing excellent service and opening doors that no others can.

If your VIP frequents overseas hotels with a world class reputation, they may feel they can trust a crossed key member to manage any request. Even if it’s a medical issue, such as refilling an important prescription or an emergency visit to a top physician in the country, an expert hotel lobby concierge can handle those too. Of course, there comes a point when even a “Keeper of the Keys” has limits. That’s why connecting with an expert in Employee International Travel Assistance before flying abroad is a smart plan

GlobalSecur’s Employee International Travel Assistance is at Your Service

A top executive at your company be used to first class accommodations. Any problem that arises should be handled by the simple click of a button where an expert will ask “how may I help you?” It’s normal for VIPs to rely on lobby staff to fill needs like dining, entertainment and dry cleaning. Even special requests can be managed by a leader in the customer service field. Unfortunately, an employee security threat is beyond the scope of even the most connected servant. GlobalSecur’s employee international travel assistance team are the experts who manage executive security. A quick click on the TracFone App and a personal assistant is there to answer “how may I help you?”

Many well-known luxury hotels can be found in countries where employee security threats are also prevalent. Countries including Morocco, Egypt, Costa Rica and Indonesia can provide all the best and worst a country has to offer. If a political uprising is unfolding down the road from a first class resort, your employee may be ready to check out. If they ask the concierge to help arrange security for a quick flight out, they could look at the executive like a deer in the headlights. What if a VIP calls the concierge at 1am and says “I am suffering from dysentery and I want to be evacuated from the country in a medical ambulance.” The last thing they want to hear is dead silence on the other line. We have a lot of respect for those who have dedicated their profession to serving guests. A top concierge is an expert in what they do; making reservations and managing personal requests. Our GlobalSecure are experts in what they do; managing the global safety and security of your VIP. Call our employee international travel security assistance team ready to serve.