You’ve heard the term “Break a Leg” referring to wishing a person good luck. It’s a theatrical term based on the superstition that actually wishing anyone bad luck will bring them good luck. In America, when wishing someone farewell, most people go with the standard “have a safe trip.”

Employee Overseas Medical Assistance

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We may be a little less superstitious than other countries, but if a VIP is flying overseas, HR can still worry. That’s why itineraries and check-in schedules are vital to supporting an employee on business abroad. If the destination is a developing country, worries about unknown dangers could be on HR’s mind. Employee medical safety can be a real concern.

Countries new to global business can have an abundance of raw resources ready to leverage. They can also harbor a “raw” structure with broken roads and haphazard medical care. Breaking a leg in a place like Utah may be tough, but help is easy to locate. Breaking that leg in Pakistan could mean a reversal of fortune. 70 million live below the poverty line and health is not a top priority. In much of the country clean food and water is a problem. When someone requires proper care for a broken limb or illness, real medical help is in short supply. That’s when employee overseas medical assistance can turn a VIP’s luck around. If an executive is tasked with assessing the risks and rewards in a country like Pakistan, GlobalSecur’s tools should go along for the ride.

GlobalSecur’s Employee Overseas Medical Assistance Tools are a Good Luck Charm for Traveling VIP’s

Superstition in Pakistan is widespread and crosses all social classes. If a VIP is flying in to meet Pakistani businessmen about possible opportunities it’s wise to know a few common superstitions. For instance, an itchy right palm can indicate money is coming your way. This is a sign of good luck. An indicator of a bad omen is a twitchy left eye. To prevent against bad luck, many locals will carry a talisman like an “evil eye” for protection. We don’t expect a VIP to carry a trinket, but they can bring their own type of protection in case of a medical emergency. GlobalSecur’s employee overseas medical assistance tools are there to protect against real medical misfortune.

Emerging economies in countries like Pakistan can offer the largest rewards as well as risks. The area itself is a security risk and a well-thought out employee safety plan should be in place before arrival. Even if the VIP is well cared for by Pakistani business associates, unforeseen problems can arise. If an overseas employee falls ill, or becomes injured, don’t waste time on a faith healer. GlobalSecur’s employee overseas medical assistance tools will help locate a trustworthy medical professional. If the injured VIP needs transportation to a medical facility out of the country, arrangements can be made asap. Emerging economies in developing countries can offer great risks (bad luck) and great reward (good luck). GlobalSecure’s employee overseas medical assistance is the lucky piece HR and overseas VIP’s can rely on.

Photo credit: kkmarais via / CC BY