As one of the premier providers of employee travel security services, GlobalSecur is privy to the problems that may (or may not occur) when employee dine out, especially alone. Employee Travel Security and the Dangers of Eating Out AloneIt might seem ridiculous at first glance, but it is not. We often think of employee travel security in the most sensational of terms. We think, for example, of high profile terrorist attacks as those tragic events that have occurred recently in cities as diverse as London, New York, in Paris. Yes those events are important, and yes our services help in the event of terrorist attacks or threats. However those events grab the headlines, but they are not the bread-and-butter of employee travel security problems.

Let’s return, for example, to the issue of eating out, and eating out alone. That employee who is eating by himself in Jakarta, Mexico City, or Rome is a security risk in a number of ways. First, there is simply the act of eating out. He or she may become subject to food poisoning, and may end up in a hospital. Because they are alone, they have no one to help them. Our GlobalSecur system can engage the health system and help them once they use our phone tracking to reach out for help. In this way, we can become their on the ground help while they are eating.

Second, eating out creates security vulnerabilities in terms of employee safety. It may be safer to have room service in the hotel, but who really wants to eat in a hotel during an extended stay abroad? Employees and senior executives will want to venture out and taste the local cuisine and experience the local culture. The diversity of human cultures is one of the funnest parts of travel, and you certainly would not want to deny that executives or employee as they travel abroad. However, the act of eating out and eating alone in a strange country may invite something as mundane as a theft events and something as sensational as a cybersecurity hacking via a Wi-Fi network. It happens.

Third, and finally, there is the walk from the restaurant back to the hotel even in cities such as New York, London, or San Francisco the mere walk in a restaurant back to the hotel let’s face it, tourists are obvious and business tourists are wonderful targets because it is no they often have money or expensive jewelry. Our security alert systems via FoneTrac can help your employees know in advance in relation of any country in which they are traveling, and our security systems combination with our FoneTrac app can help keep your employees safe on that short but dangerous walk from the restaurant back to the hotel.

In summary, you can hardly forbid your employees from eating out while abroad. But you can work with global secure to make that experience safer for you and for your key employees executives!