One of the most frustrating issues for an HR director may be trying to help a CEO with an executive travel security plan before they fly out.Executive Travel Security
Senior executives are normally extremely independent and assertive. If something isn’t happening, they make it happen. If there’s little information to go on, a top executive will figure it out. If they feel sick, they normally “shake it off” and keep doing business. When pre-planning an overseas business safety plan for a country they’ve been to many times before, HR may run into a bit of apathy. Why waste time listening to an executive travel security plan when you’ve “been there and done that” several years with no problem?

Top executives are used to charting their own path and may think there’s nothing new an executive travel security team can help them with. For instance, if a senior exec has spent years developing business relationships in Singapore, each new trip may just feel like the last one. Meet business partners, go out for a few dinners and see the sights. Maybe do some work back at the hotel…yada, yada, yada. Still, what if just one thing changes? Are they prepared for the unexpected then? Do they know exactly who to call and what to do if they are in danger?

GlobalSecur Executive Travel Security Supports When Company Leaders Realize they Haven’t “Seen it All”

Maybe on the next business trip, instead of booking a hotel in the city, a colleague has invited the executive to stay at their home in Sentosa Cove, Singapore? Skipping the hotel for a private room in a beautiful exclusive neighborhood could be a nice change of pace. Great views in the evening while dining outside may be the perfect end to a busy work day. It can also be an opportunity for mosquitos to have their own meal and transmit a virus to the unsuspecting visitor. The executive may not be aware that air conditioned hotels are less likely to have mosquitos than waterside homes. This is where executive travel security support from GlobalSecur can help avoid small dangers as well as big ones.

Outbreaks of Zika and the Dengue fever in locations such as Singapore are more common than you’d think. At the moment, there are no vaccines for various strains on the loose. One bite from an infected mosquito could bring a well-traveled executive down with a fever or worse. Combined with the FoneTrac app, GlobalSecur’s executive travel security team can push out an alert if a hot spot for mosquito-transmitted illness is nearby. The executive and hosts can easily move the dinner inside where it’s safer. If an overseas employee is already feeling feverish, a quick call to the GlobalSecur team can help locate medical support and transportation before things go further downhill.

Independent senior executives travelling on business may not think there is much to worry about. GlobalSecur’s executive travel security ensures things continue to go smoothly for the “been there, done that” crowd.