VIP’s can get weary of being fussed over. Their staff and supporters may want them to be happy and go out of the way to ensure all an executive’s comforts are met. Booking first-class seats and five-star hotels for senior managers travelling overseas on business can be common. executive travel monitoringThe rooms are clean and the beds and towels are soft and comfortable. Maybe some perks even allow them extra time to “play” at the pool or explore local activities. It can sound like a cushy life, but in exchange the home base may require several check-in requests along the way. Yes, it’s a requirement to ensure a bosses safety, but could become irritating. High-level executives are change-makers and they don’t always enjoy being coddled.

We doubt a top VIP would have a temper tantrum over a hotel check-in, but if the flight was long, it may not help their mood to do one last thing before getting in a quick nap. We know it’s beneficial for an executive to stay in touch with the office, but it doesn’t have to be intrusive. GlobalSecur’s savvy executive travel safety monitoring system can keep tabs on a mobile VIP without giving the impression home base is babysitting.

Look Who’s Talking: GlobalSecur’s Executive Travel Monitoring System

Obviously this post is having fun with the baby references, so let’s double-down and make some serious points in the process. We know your VIP’s don’t need to have their hands held when doing business overseas. GlobalSecur’s executive monitoring system allows them the freedom to manage their day with a non-invasive support system. Here are a few examples;

  • Quiet Late Night Check-Ins: GlobalSecur’s partner app, FoneTrac can confirm the location of a VIP after a quick checkin. This quick and easy process makes “compliance” easier to get out of a cranky executive who just went through a long flight from the USA to Europe.
  • Checking the Boss’s Temperature: If a travelling employee is feeling a bit queasy, there is no need for the home base to panic. The VIP can simply reach out to GlobalSecur’s medical team and find the medical support needed to meet with a trusted local physician.
  • The Invisible Security Blanket: GlobalSecur’s team is ready to respond if a VIP is close to any type of danger. Whether it’s a man-made terrorist threat or a hurricane storm surge, the travelling boss will be alerted and supported back to safety.

It benefits the top brass to know they are in charge even when managing their personal overseas travel security. An executive travel monitoring system can be simple without assuming the role of babysitter. GlobalSecur is here to provide the tools and support if a VIP stumbles along the way. If you’re interested about our executive travel security solutions, reach out for a consultation, today!