Just about every company has an employee travel policy. And every business traveler understands they must abide by the routine requirements. Starting at the airport, a series of security measures are taken to ensure everyone’s safety. Passengers are checked and processed all the way to their seat on the plane. International Employee Travel Security PolicyEven after all that, there is one more thing to do. From coach to first class, every passenger must listen to the safety demonstration from the flight attendant. It’s basically a quick “show and tell” of how to access and use the planes safety equipment. The presentation includes how to buckle the seatbelt, find the exits and what to do when an oxygen mask drops. To keep it lively and fun, some attendants have added a bit of humor into the mix (look at YouTube for a quick laugh). Either way, it has to be done and the plane can’t take off until it is.

If your company has a business travel policy, it’s probably presented during employee orientation. The new VIP may have been shown how to book a corporate trip and organize expenses. Maybe a few “free days” for vacation are thrown in as a fun perk. Whatever a company’s employee travel policy allows during a business trip is up to them. When it comes to safety and security, GlobalSecur is ready to lead the demonstration. Before sending an executive off to the airport, make sure your VIP has taken the time to understand the security tools at their fingertips.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Employee Travel Policy for VIP Safety Presented by GlobalSecur

Before the VIP hops on a plane to do business in a country like Mexico, it’s important they know how to use the security tools during the trip. Any employee travel policy presentation can include a quick travel safety review. Believe it or not, the instructions are easier than learning how to use an airplane seatbelt! GlobalSecur’s FoneTrac app will help the executive know exactly what to do in case of an emergency. The app provides executives with up-to-the-minute information from weather reports to emerging terrorist threats. When the VIP needs to reach out for support, a simple touch on the FoneTrac screen contacts GlobalSecur’s expert security team.

If a company’s employee travel policy allows staff to take a day and enjoy a little sightseeing, GlobalSecur goes along for the ride. Public markets and town squares are great nearby entertainments for busy executives on break. If they happen to be in Mexico City, the best spot to visit is the Zocalo main square. It’s a vibrant tourist destination filled with local shops and restaurants. It can also be surrounded by trouble. Before leaving the hotel, a VIP can access GlobalSecur’s security tools and the app will highlight where the safety threats are. And what if the problem isn’t crime-related, but a case of Montezuma’s Revenge? A FoneTrac app can “show” them a trusted medical facility on a map and GlobalSecur can “tell” the best way to get there. VIP’s getting the run-down on an employee travel policy don’t need to wait long. GlobalSecur’s travel safety tools presentation will make it quick.