Employee privacy is a serious issue for HR managers. Managing the security of sensitive employee records is a full time job. Companies owe their staff the proper care of personal information both legally and morally. VIP Travel SecurityThat’s why when an executive goes abroad on business, HR has to walk a fine line between keeping an eye out and keeping their distance. Many VIPs want to know that they can rely on their executive travel tracking programs if something goes wrong. They also don’t want to feel as if their company is “stalking” them during a business trip. So emotions about where that line is may move for then from time to time.

We believe an honest and open executive travel tracking program works best. GlobalSecur finds the balance between employee privacy and security every day; the “back end” of GlobalSecur works with the “front end” of FoneTrac. We like to be up front with companies and what they can expect while travelling overseas on business. A short three day meeting in Japan may require travel tracking features different from a two week stint in South America. We provide enough VIP travel security to manage either. Still, an employee has to be willing to accept a certain amount of technological shadowing for smart security and support. Through the FoneTrac app, GlobalSecur’s security team keeps a reasonable distance. We can track a globe-trotting employee 24/7 checking on their personal security in any country.

GlobalSecur’s Executive Travel Tracking Program Helps your Executive Avoid Bad Guys on the Hunt

It’s no secret that kidnapping executives is a popular criminal activity in some countries. Continents such as South America and Africa can pose a greater risk. Sketchy types can be found hanging around airports and hotels “hunting” for out-of-towners. After stalking a busy VIP and looking for the right moment, the security risk becomes real. Although personal security guards are available to physically shadow business travelers, some may find that to be too invasive. Maybe they’ve been to Brazil on business for years and feel comfortable going alone. Instead of arguing, HR can simply say “Bon Voyage” with GlobalSecur assistance ready and by an executive’s side. The executive travel tracking program respectfully keeps the corporate office aware of a VIP’s location without intimidation.

GlobalSecur goes on the hunt for security threats with 24/7 executive monitoring services and rapid support. Through the FoneTrac app, an employee can receive an alert for emerging security threats around their immediate area. If a VIP needs to make transportation arrangements, GlobalSecur’s team of experts will help recommend the most secure services in the country. At any time, if corporate has a concern about where their employee is located, a quick view on the FoneTrac map will show where they are. No invasion of privacy, just a quick check-in to ensure security is managed. We understand the importance of protecting employee privacy, even during global business. GlobalSecur’s executive travel tracking program manages VIP security respectfully and thoroughly.