These days you can’t be too careful! Many of our clients are global corporations who send their employees across the globe conducting international business.

Travel Safety Warnings Country by Country

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For some groups, it may be meetings in London with key executives and VIPs. For others, it may be cross-border traffic between the United States and Mexico, as key executives and key employees are hard at work at the so-called maquiladora’s that work and produce many of the products that are imported and exported to and from the United States and Mexico. And, for still others, it may be long-term assignments in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Brazil, or Ukraine. In all cases the employer and the employee want to stay up-to-date about potential threats.

Country Threat Bulletins: You Need Them

While the United States Department of State does have threat bulletins for individual countries, and these are certainly worth subscribing to, it is often the case that corporate travelers need more up-to-date, and more practical advice. Often times the official government bulletins can be a bit bureaucratic and can focus solely on political threats as well as threats of terrorism, when the more mundane problems such as virus outbreaks, political demonstrations, and crime can be more important for the business traveler.

Subscribe to our Country-by-country Threat Bulletin

If you, or your company, are sending employees abroad, our free bulletins may be a great resource to help you stay up-to-date. Just hit the subscribe button. If you, or your business, have more detailed needs, we have services that can help you. Our international employee travel security experts stand ready for in-depth consulting engagements, our FoneTrac travel safety app which is available for both iPhone and android can help you track and monitor as well as communicate with your employees, and the GlobalSecur network allows you to both push alerts to employees as well as receive problem tickets from employees if they are encountering difficulty.

Whether you are sending employees to London or Zürich, Tokyo or Beijing, Mexico City or Buenos Aires, it is important to state up-to-date with the latest threats. By being proactive you can minimize potential problems as well as conduct the required due diligence that, as an employer, you may be required by law to engage in. To sign up for our alerts, visit our home page, scroll to the bottom, and find ‘Sign Up for Daily Intelligence Briefing.’