If you are a corporate executive or manager and your responsibility includes monitoring employee travel especially for security purposes, you need a robust employee travel monitoring system.

Employee Travel Security Monitoring System

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We’re not talking about those simple systems that merely monitor where an hourly employee is to verify that he or she is working or “on the route.” Rather, we at GlobalSecur are talking about an interactive system between the employee and employer that is transparent (no one is snooping on anyone) and that serves the needs of both employee and employer. A true “employee travel monitoring system” needs to be a system in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Examples of a Robust Employee Travel Monitoring System

Here are some examples of what we mean with respect to the GlobalSecur offering in partnership with IMG and FoneTrac. First and foremost, we mean a system that is built upon the expertise of true corporate security experts. These are experts who know corporate security and have a wealth and range of experience so that they know what can be monitored, what should be monitored, and wide. Threats to employees can be as mundane as coming down with a case of the flu in Bogota or as terrifying as being in London during a terrorist attack. The robust system needs to be capable of dealing with all types of threats. Second, the corporate employee travel monitoring system needs to be transparent. Employees need to be full partners in the system, so that they cooperate. Our FoneTrac system, for example, is a leading iPhone / Android travel safety app that allows the employee’s location to be “monitored” but is fully transparent to the employee. Only by having this sort of transparency can high value employees be seen as full partners and in so doing be eager to cooperate. Third, the corporate employee travel monitoring system needs to have a robust backend that can actually help. This is where GlobalSecur enters the picture. GlobalSecur is staffed with real people, and these real people are available to the employee at a moment’s notice. This means that if the employee confronts a medical emergency in a strange city, he or she can reach out for guidance and assistance on medical facilities and services nearby. It also means that GlobalSecur can “push” out notifications to the employee in the event of an important alert, such as news of a possible terrorist account.

If you are looking for an employee travel monitoring system that is robust and the “full monty,” reach out for a consultation on what IMG, GlobalSecur, and FoneTrac can do for you and your company. Your employees deserve as system that is more than the sum of its parts, a system that can alert them to security risks, help them with communication back and forth, and bring assistance overseas where needed.

Photo credit: Foter.com