Americans have been noted as prime targets for kidnapping and other crimes throughout the world. If a VIP has to fly out overseas on business, HR may be aware of the risks and pre-plan every step of the way from personal transportation to accommodations and restaurants.

Employee Monitoring in Mexico

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The executive itinerary could be set up as an ironclad schedule of where to be and who to contact from moment to moment. That, along with GlobalSecur’s employee itinerary monitoring can be the best safeguard against criminals overseas. So what about countries we share our borders with? Should it be any different?

We could make jokes about employees travelling to Canada and possible moose attacks, but that’s not the border we are thinking of. Yes, employee travel security is important wherever a VIP goes, including Canada, but the news out of Mexico raises more concern. Criminal activity near the Texas/Ciudad Juarez border has become commonplace. The border is used daily by U.S. Employees living in El Paso and working at manufacturing plants in Mexico. Executives frequently travel to meet and oversee business across the border. If they know the route and speak Spanish, what could be the problem? Getting too comfortable and taking small risks can turn a normal day into a dangerous situation. Smart employee monitoring tools can help remind them where they are.

GlobalSecur Helps Your VIP’s Avoid Mexican Dangers with Employee Itinerary Monitoring in Mexico

The U.S. State Department has released a 2017 report about the overall crime and safety situation over the border to Mexico. The Ciudad Juarez area and city of Chihuahua have been highlighted with a travel warning. Although U.S. employees go across the border to manufacturing plans every day, they can avoid most dangers by sticking to main roads during daylight hours. That sounds fine, but those familiar with the drive can begin taking chances. Maybe stop for an authentic Mexican dinner before going home? How about swinging by the ATM for some extra cash? GlobalSecur’s employee itinerary monitoring in Mexico can remind them to stay on schedule.

Even when U.S. citizens are not specifically targeted, lingering after work hours is not a wise idea. Staying after the sun goes down can give criminals an opportunity they’ve been waiting for. If HR back home is concerned about an employee’s location, a quick view on the FoneTrac travel monitoring app can help. It’s not only human dangers to worry about, the infrastructure is in bad condition as well. Mexican roads off the main path may have less traffic but crumbling roads experience flash floods and dangerous terrain. That means quick shortcuts across dirt roads to avoid traffic jams is at the cost of employee safety. GlobalSecur teamed with the FoneTrac employee safety app is there to alert employees of trouble during the trip. A simple daily commute over the border may being to feel like an average day. Kidnappers, extortionists and thieves hope your executives feel that way too. Employee itinerary monitoring in Mexico is the best reminder of what dangers can lie ahead.

Photo credit: the measure of mike via / CC BY-ND