With more and more corporations sending employees overseas, whether for short-term meetings or for long-term stays, the problem of employee travel safety is coming to the fore.

Employee Travel Safety Policy

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We live in a post-9/11 world, a world that is post-Ebola, and a world that is increasingly fraught with potential tensions and dangers. Moreover, the advent of digital communications like computers, tablets, and cell phones in combination with social media has meant that corporations are increasingly held responsible for what happens to their employees overseas. Gone are the care-free days of international travel, when corporate jet-setters traveled the skies independently and without a care. In its place, we live in a world in which the motto seems to be “be afraid, be very afraid.”

What Is To be Done about Corporate Travel Security?

What is to be done? Most corporations can’t just stop dealing with overseas issues. International trade and business continue expand and even small or medium-sized businesses find themselves interested in international business. Employees may have once traveled by themselves, but now they increasingly bring their spouses and children, creating new security vulnerabilities. Where does the corporation’s responsibility end, and the employee’s responsibility begin?

If you don’t have one, you need a “corporate employee travel safety policy,” a written document that spells out the rights, responsibilities, and todos of every party for international travel security and safety. Moreover, this document can identify the travel dos and the travel donts, as well as spell out procedures and processes to help safeguard the safety and security when traveling abroad.

Enter Corporate Employee Travel Security Experts

Here’s where employee travel security experts enter the picture. While you could simply Google “Employee Travel Security Policy” and look at examples, you might do better to have an expert come in and identify your specific international employee travel security needs and help you to draft a travel security policy that fits your company’s needs and exposures. It’s not a “one size fits all” affair, after all. No two corporations are the same, and thus no two corporate travel security policy documents should be the same either. If you’re interested, reach out to one of our experts for help, today.

Photo credit: Foter.com