Managing a VIP travelling the globe can be a daunting task for HR and other staff back home. They constantly have to strike a balance between passivity and diligence.Employee Travel Monitoring for Safety

If the VIP doesn’t check in to a Brazilian hotel as scheduled, is that an emergency or are they running late? When the executive calls for information to the best medical facility in India but won’t share why, how do you give them exactly what they need? Overseas business travel can be filled with unknowns. The employee is still in a company’s care when travelling overseas for work, and yet employees have privacy concerns and rights. How does HR know when it’s important to leave things alone or ask more questions? If they push too much, an executive may feel smothered. The right technology for employee travel monitoring overseas will support not snoop.

If you’re an HR manger as well as a parent, you may see some similarities between watching over a VIP and raising a teenager. Teens can get prickly if they think adults are asking too many questions. Where are you? When will you be back? What do you mean there’s a problem and you can handle it? We can see the pattern here. Teens and VIP’s want to feel they can be trusted to handle thing right. Of course, travelling executives are grown-ups who deserve a level of respect and autonomy teens are not ready for. Sometimes that alone can make it harder to not look like a hovering parent. Good news, you can keep your distance by using GlobalSecur’s tools for employee travel monitoring for safety.

GlobalSecur’s Employee Travel Monitoring for Safety Helps without Hovering

If your executive doesn’t like to share every move while travelling on business GlobalSecur is there to stay in touch. Teamed with the FoneTrac executive travel safety app, GlobalSecur can help ensure your VIP is safe overseas. Constant location tracking combined with a direct line to security support can help keep an employee safe while moving at their own speed. If a VIP is running late, the FoneTrac app will ping the home base of a late arrival. It will also alert the company of an employee’s current location. No interfering phone calls while the VIP is resting on the plane while waiting to land. The employee travel monitoring for safety tools keep a safe distance.

VIP’s who are also seasoned travelers may not want to worry HR if they run into a “snag.” If a terrorist bomb has gone off a city like Paris, but the trouble is miles away from where the executive is staying, it may seem better to just avoid that area and continue working. An independent executive might have other reliable routes in mind. Just to make sure, GlobalSecur employee travel monitoring for safety tools will check all possible routes and confirm the safest one. If the danger is actually larger than a VIP thinks, threat monitoring technology will send an alert before they can get in over their head. Overseas travel security for VIP’s doesn’t have to be meddlesome, just smart. GlobalSecur can allow the corporate home base to stay aware of their globe hopping employees without looking like an overprotective parent.