IMG designed and developed GlobalSecur from the ground up based on our clients’ perception that existing services were inflexible and did not reflect their exact needs. They were overly expensive with various additional charges. More importantly, although these services provided location data and threat information, clients were on their own in terms of aligning the two and then managing an issue or incident.

Your use of GlobalSecur means that we will know the whereabouts of your employees and the prevailing threats, and we will take the appropriate action – notifications, etc., – on your behalf in accordance with previously-agreed procedures. We will be available at any time to provide security advice, or to respond to any issue, event or emergency. Furthermore, there are no additional costs such as itinerary-related (PNR) charges for any number of your travelers or trips.

IMG has become a focal point and partner for our clients. They see value in our security advice, our ready availability, and for coordinating and managing challenges such as country evacuations or the employee- related crises that can occur anywhere. In practice, many of our clients prefer that we manage GlobalSecur for them, since they are unable to provide a high degree of focus to this challenging area. As a GlobalSecur user, your organization will have access to our own long-term and trusted resources and those of our business partners for overseas support, up to and including security and/or medical evacuation. We can capture travel data automatically from any travel agent or provider, but we can also obtain data from other agents in any format. And GlobalSecur can work with any responder or insurer and we can adapt GlobalSecur to best suit your operational needs.

Our program emphasizes our primary market differentiators of a commitment to travel safety on your behalf, our ready availability, a cost-effective approach with no PNR or hidden charges, and the availability of optional components. These GlobalSecur market differentiators will benefit your own organization.

Key Features

  • Global Travel Monitoring – We use advanced technology to conduct travel positioning on our clients’ behalf. This is based on the traveler’s itinerary, and/or FoneTrac, a patented, sophisticated smartphone and server-based locational technology developed by IMG. IMG reconciles location data with emergent threat intelligence to provide your travelers and corporate managers with real-time visibility of their current location and emerging threat environment.
  • FoneTrac® Smartphone Location Positioning – FoneTrac® is a primary or secondary location positioning service coupled with the availability of expert security support. This unique service, developed over a five-year period, is equipped with several safety-related features, such as “Check-In” and “Panic” buttons. The Check-In function is used in various ways to reinforce safe travel, allowing users to notify check-in on arrival, at the hotel, at a meeting site, etc….
  • Pre-Travel Destination Threat Reports – IMG’s in-depth reports for clients are based on their specific needs and concerns. These reports include an in-depth description and assessment of the destination’s political, security and medical environment and its assessed impact on travelers and business operations.
  • Risk Assessment – Safe international travel can require risk assessment and security planning, vulnerability assessments, accountability/communications programs for travelers and expatriates, emergency preparedness and contingency plans. We provide expert risk assessment and analysis consulting services for multi-national companies, both large and small, using risk assessment methodology that reflects industry best practices. This approach ensures that risk is properly quantified and recommended security measures are cost-justified.
  • Worldwide Executive and Personal Protection – IMG provides expert security and risk assessment services for senior executives and others traveling to or deployed in the US or overseas locations. Our Executive and Personal Protection programs are based on tried-and-tested sophisticated practices currently used to protect travelers and senior personnel worldwide, using trusted support skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to suit the nature of your operations, your organizational culture and specific requirements.
  • Secure Ground Transportation – IMG provides secure ground and aviation transportation services in most worldwide locations at competitive rates. Ground transportation services range from our International Car Service – vehicle and security-trained driver – to full protection details and armored vehicles.

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