Many executives are not only go-getters in the office, but can be active after hours as well. To them, a 10 mile run may seem like a “jog” with very little preparation. When a VIP has to fly overseas on business, they may think nothing of using spare time to rent a board and surf the waves of Ireland. Employee Travel SecurityThe fresh air and exercise can be a great way to recover from hours sitting on a plane. HR managers may even encourage travelling employees to get out and have some fun after hours. The problem is, they can’t dictate what kind of exercise an employee will choose. Every activity has some risks involved. If the sport is a bit more dangerous than normal, injury could occur. Sending the VIP off with employee medical assistance overseas support can help.

If you are sending an employee overseas on business, chances are that person is a valuable team player. Taking their skills to the limits may be how they got there. That kind of employee may be a risk taker in more areas than business. If you have a top employee who happens to be an athletic “adrenaline junkie” after hours there’s no need to reign them in because of safety concerns. Your employee has to unleash their weekend warrior in order to re-energize for the work ahead. Instead, make sure you have them take GlobalSecur’s employee medical assistance overseas tools with them.

GloblaSecur can keep a VIP Weekend Warrior Secure with Employee Medical Assistance Overseas

An executive travelling on business can have off-the-grid ideas where to spend their free time. Maybe walking the streets of Paris is old news. Instead, they prefer to pack their cycling spandex and bike the backroads of France. Even when using a common cycling path, a bike rider can take a nasty fall. It’s nice to know FoneTrac’s employee medical assistance overseas app is riding along with them. With the push of a button GlobalSecur’s support team can help find quick medical care for an injured employee. If emergency transportation is required, arrangements can be made right then and there.

Employee medical travel security servcies are available for your active VIP wherever they go. It’s tough enough managing the safety of a travelling executive during business hours. After hours is tougher and that VIP is still the responsibility of the company. If your employee has decided to go down an adventurous road, they need medical support ready to act when needed. GlobalSecur’s employee medical assistance overseas allows your VIP to take a day hike in the Bernese Oberland Trails of Switzerland without worries. If they happen to get dehydrated or suffer a large bug bite, medical assistance is right in their pack and ready to support. We know that the best employees have the opportunity to travel the world and represent your business. Their passion for adventure doesn’t have to be a problem for your HR and employee security team. GlocalSecur’s employee medical assistance overseas safety tools can let your VIP weekend warrior recharge in any way they see fit!