GlobalSecur is a comprehensive, yet affordable, global travel security service designed to enhance the safety and security of your overseas travelers and personnel. The program seamlessly integrates risk assessment and guidance, global intelligence, security monitoring, communications, medical assistance and emergency response. Employee Travel Security ServicesMany overseas threats are fluid in nature and can form rapidly, and with little or no notice. IMG maintains a 24/7 Global Monitoring Service that can alert travelers of changing conditions at their location and will advise on the steps necessary to be best prepared. GlobalSecur is available as optional components, including FoneTrac position-locating, dependent on your organization’s needs. Our long-term international security experience provides our clients with the assurance that there are few overseas security challenges with which we are unfamiliar.

Here is a short but comprehensive overview to our suite of travel security services.

Knowing a traveler’s location is the first step in being able to provide assistance to someone in distress. The patented FoneTrac app accomplishes this goal and has proved useful to notify a need for emergency support, to confirm a traveler’s ongoing safety, and to account for personnel in the aftermath of a major incident or natural disaster. The app is for use on iPhone, Android, Windows smartphones as well as tablets, notepads and laptops.
The app allows users to Check-In on a regular schedule and also to send Panic Alerts when urgent assistance is needed. FoneTrac’s geo-location service pinpoints the location of the traveler to within 5-10 meters and sends the alerts to our 24/7 Command Center and to selected individuals via text message and email.

GlobalSecur Executive and Personal Protection programs are based on tried and tested practices currently used to protect senior personnel and travelers worldwide, using personnel skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to reflect the nature of our client’s operations, its organizational culture and specific requirements.

IMG provides secure ground and aviation transportation services in most worldwide locations at competitive rates. Ground transportation services range from our International Car Service − vehicle and security-trained driver − to protection agents and details, armored vehicles, etc.

IMG provides expert security and risk assessment services for senior executives and others traveling to or deployed in the US or overseas locations. Safe international travel and overseas deployment requires risk assessment and security planning, vulnerability assessments, robust communications programs for travelers and expatriates, emergency preparedness and contingency plans.

IMG provides expert risk assessment and analysis consulting services for multi-national companies, both large and small, using risk assessment methodology that reflects industry best practices. This approach ensures that risk is properly quantified and recommended security measures are appropriate and cost-justified.

IMG’s security services include domestic and overseas risk assessment and security plan preparation, vulnerability and business continuity and impact assessments and analyses, accountability and communications programs for travelers and expatriates, emergency preparedness and contingency planning.

The areas of workplace violence, threat management, crisis response and terrorism pose an increasing challenge and new focus for the business community. The process of managing threats, violence and disasters is extremely complex, high-risk and difficult. These events also incur a significant degree of legal and moral liability. But because of their low frequency, it is difficult to dedicate sufficient in-house resources to prepare for these challenging situations.

IMG is a leader in the field of helping businesses assess the risk of violence and has responded to thousands of internal and external threats that could jeopardize the safety and security of an organization’s operations and personnel. Our consultancy is on the cutting-edge of translating forensic psychological research to leverage successful outcomes. Managing Partner Dr. Harley Stock is a world-renowned expert in assessing actual or potential violence and has conducted thousands of forensic interventions and training sessions for corporate clients, governments and law enforcement agencies.

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