Small and medium businesses are booming right now and many are “going global.” Over half plan to grow their international customer base by 2017. Almost any small start-up today is confident about conducting business abroad. employee medical assistance overseasFirst, because it’s a lot easier. With the internet, a company of ten people can reach just as many as a business with 10,000. Small niche-type businesses can grow their customer base by reaching global markets. In many cases, there’s very little need to walk away from the home office to make that happen too. Yet, sometimes a new little company will have to send someone overseas to meet new business partners or check up on a widening supply chain. It could be a short-term trip to London, or a long-term trip to Riydah, Saudi Arabia. Either way, employee overseas security is just as important to small business as it is to large corporations.

A new generation of business leaders still have normal concerns about international employee travel. They may require international employee medical assistance service or a security support app to get them around a foreign country. The GlobalSecur team is just as flexible as a small and expanding business. We have a full suite of employee security services tailor-made to accommodate the size and scope of any overseas safety trip. While some small business may sell products, others are only selling themselves. Even when the employee is going solo, GlobalSecur can accommodate.

GlobalSecur’s Employee Medical Assistance Service Gets the Gig

A new kind of employee is making their entrance into the workforce and they belong to the “Gig Economy.” This is slightly different from a temp agency. Gig workers get to pick and choose their own jobs instead of being assigned work. A gig worker can decide to take an overseas project in Europe or anywhere around the globe. They are also responsible for their own personal security. So, between small business and gig workers, there is still plenty of need for employee medical assistance services.

A small business partner or contractor can run into the same safety hazards overseas as a fortune 500 VIP. If there is a terrorist threat at an airport, or a medical emergency in Spain, GlobalSecur – partnered with FoneTrac – can help. An employee medical assistance service is ready with the push of a button on iPhone or Android. Another few things to note about this new labor force; they are flexible, enjoy variety, and are passionate about their work. That sounds a lot like our GlobalSecur team. We have a variety of overseas VIP security support including employee medical assistance service. We are passionate about supporting overseas employees on a team or individually. IMG is dedicated to bringing small businesses and solo gig employees, “big” security service.