When a patient ends up in the emergency room, the first thing a medical team does is take their vitals. This often includes an EKG to monitor the heart rate, pulse and overall blood pressure. Travel Safety AppThe staff needs to know how life-threatening the situation truly is before getting to work. What the patient is experiencing could be a heart attack…or a panic attack. Each require care, but one is normally more dangerous than the other. Once a patient has been thoroughly checked, a quick and more precise treatment can begin. Later, after the crises has passed, the next task is prevention with frequent monitoring. That means a patient should expect to walk out the door with a few tools to manage their own health as well.

Our GlobalSecur team likes to follow the same stream of thought as an expert emergency room team. We support executives with equal diligence when it comes to employee travel monitoring. During a crisis, our GlobalSecur professionals are quick to provide the best in overseas employee security support by checking all safety risk signs. Once the threat is over, FoneTrac’s employee travel safety app continues to scan for danger as an executive keeps moving.

Employee Travel Monitoring: Vitally Important for a Safe Business Trip

When an executive flies overseas on business, HR needs a safety app that can monitor and respond quickly. Several “vitals” must be checked such as; weather, health dangers, political climate and recent terrorist threats. Our GlobalSecur team keeps track of a globetrotting VIP through the FoneTrac app and responds to what the moment requires. If a sudden storm is brewing on the flight towards Germany, FoneTracs employee travel monitoring system will locate the executive immediately. Does the crises require an overnight layover in Portugal? If so, GlobalSecur is there to prescribe the best hotels and transportation.

If the situation is more dire, employee travel monitoring ramps up treatment. For instance, when a new virus spreads through China after an executive has checked-in to their hotel, a health alert is sent asap. If the VIP can continue business as usual with a few minor changes, specific precautions are recommended. When that same virus creeps dangerously closer, GlobalSecur will guide an executive through the best escape plan. Remember: GlobalSecur is more than just software; “real people” are there at the click of a button to assist with on-the-ground support. More importantly, HR and other concerned parties back home receive an update on the situation. Like an expert medical team, the best employee travel monitoring team continually checks in to ensure a VIP’s health and safety. GlobalSecur and FoneTrac band together so business travelers receive the best overseas security care STAT.