At work or at life in general, some people need more attention than others. They mean well, but their constant interruptions can throw off a work day. It could be a friend texting about the weekend. Want to go out for Italian food? Which restaurant should we go to? Do you want to go out to a movie afterwards? It can be an unending string of questions interrupting a busy executive’s train of thought. Another annoyance is co-workers constantly seeking counsel. Executive Travel SecurityMaybe they are insecure about a particular project and need advice from a seasoned employee. Sure, part of business is being supportive, but when it interrupts the “flow” of a busy workday, it can be vexing.

On the flip side, there are plenty of circumstances where employees are obligated to pester their co-workers for good reasons. For instance, at most companies HR needs those 30 minute OSHA on-line surveys done. Murphy’s Law guarantees the survey deadline will happen during an all-hand-on-deck company-wide project. Sometimes a VIP is out of the office for weeks traveling overseas handling their part. Yet the deadline for compliance is urgent and a VIP must drop what they are doing to complete the survey. That makes for a stressful experience, maybe even leaving the executive a bit resentful.

GlobalSecur’s Executive Travel Monitoring Pays Attention to VIP’s

Another irritating time-sucker is frequent security check-ins while a VIP travels overseas. Executive travel monitoring is necessary, but also bothersome. Demanding itineraries require several check-ins a day; check-in after the plane lands in Germany, hotel arrival check-in, next-day check-in and security verification. After a while, all this following up raise the bar from annoying to harassing! Yes, overseas employee security is serious and it deserves some attention. Still, the best executive travel monitoring system doesn’t have to annoy a VIP to do its job. It’s just there when a VIP needs it to be.

GlobalSecur’s executive travel monitoring system demands very little attention from a busy overseas VIP. Even if they don’t check in as requested, HR can verify their location with the FoneTrac app. If the executive is overwhelmed with business travel, they aren’t interrupted. When a travelling employee runs into an emergency, they will have GlobalSecur’s undivided attention right on the spot! A security expert is available 24/7 to support with any emergency be it natural disaster, criminal or medical. Executive travel security doesn’t have to fall into the categories of annoying or harassment. GlobalSecure will leave a VIP to do their job and pay attention when it’s time to act on an overseas security emergency.

Our employee and executive monitoring services benefit your company because our travel security experts use a “hands-on” approach to develop, monitor and manage all aspects of your overseas travel security, including global itinerary and threat monitoring and FoneTrac®, an innovative app for employee / executive check in’s, monitoring, and assistance services. By using GlobalSecur®, the safety and security of your international executive or employee travelers will always be the focus of our attention, from pre-travel preparedness to incident and emergency response. Our available services incorporate itinerary monitoring, sophisticated traveler threat notification and FoneTrac® location-positioning with check-in/panic button features.

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